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A gas station located in the Vila Seixas neighborhood, in Ribeirão Preto (SP), was charged this Monday morning (4) for selling adulterated fuel and in a smaller amount than one of the pumps indicated.

According to Luiz Eduardo Galdeano, regional delegate of the Institute of Weights and Measures of the State of São Paulo (IPEM-SP), authorities arrived at the establishment, on Avenida Francisco Junqueira, after complaints from consumers.

“We found a pump selling product in a smaller quantity than indicated at the pump, that is, the consumer was taking a loss at the time of purchase”.

The bomb was fined and the owner of the post has up to ten days to present the defense to IPEM. The fine can range from a warning to BRL 1.5 million and the equipment will only start working again after maintenance is carried out by an accredited mechanic.

The action was carried out in conjunction with the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP).

Post was fined for selling fuel in a smaller quantity than indicated by one of the pumps in Ribeirão Preto, SP — Photo: Disclosure/Ipem

In one of the tanks, according to ANP inspectors, regular gasoline had 43% of anhydrous ethanol by volume in the mixture, when the maximum specified by current legislation is 27%. Hydrous ethanol, on the other hand, was contaminated by methanol, which is prohibited.

President of the Núcleo Postos de Ribeirão Preto (SP), Fernando Rocca stressed that the assessed establishment is not part of the entity and highlighted the importance of the consumer always being attentive to offers that are too advantageous.

“The gas station is not part of the nucleus. We are extremely careful. Fuel prices are falling and consumers have to be very attentive to very advantageous offers. Our guideline is: always refuel at your trusted gas station, where you’re used to, you know the fuel is quality”.

Consumers must report irregularities

According to Galdeano, inspection through complaints has been intensified in Ribeirão Preto.

“It is very important for the consumer to file a complaint with the competent body, whether quality or quantity, so that we can visit these stations to see if any irregularities are discovered and to curb these stations that work irregularly and cause damage to consumers”, he warns. .

He emphasizes the importance of the consumer being attentive when refueling the vehicle and always reporting irregularities to Organs competent bodies.

“Consumers have to get out of the car whenever they are refueling, to see the pump indications, the total price to pay and the number of liters, which must start from scratch. Also pay close attention to the car’s performance and demand a note tax or tax coupon of the gas station, to have a document in hand to make a complaint, whether to the ANP or IPEM”.

According to Rocca, flagged stations, for example, are not able to charge lower prices than white flag stations (establishments that have no ties to fuel distributors).

“A flagged gas station will never be able to charge a lower price than a white flag service station. Anyone who is charging prices below a white flag service station can turn on the little yellow warning light”.

The complaints about product measurement and quantity must be made to IPEM by telephone 0800 013 0522 or by email [email protected]. No need to identify yourself.

The complaints about product quality must be made to the ANP by telephone 0800 970 0267.

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