After the ICMS drop, gasoline is sold at R$ 6.29 in the DF. check out

Consumers can find a liter of regular gasoline with prices below R$ 6.50 at gas stations in the Federal District, this Monday (4/7). Some pumps charge BRL 6.29.

The relief in the pocket is a consequence of the reduction of the Tax on the Circulation of Goods and Provision of Services (ICMS) on fuels. The decree was signed by Governor Ibaneis Rocha (MDB) on Saturday (2/7).

According to the Fuel Retail Trade Union of the Federal District (Sindicombustíveis-DF), the reduction in ICMS should lead to a decrease of R$ 0.43 in the value of gasoline, and of R$ 0.40 in ethanol.

President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) sanctioned a project determining the reduction of ICMS, PIS and Cofins on fuels.

As they are federal taxes, PIS and Cofins were automatically reduced. However, in the case of ICMS, the Federal District and the states also follow a determination by the Federal Supreme Court (STF).

According to Sindcombustíveis, the cut of the three taxes may result in a gross drop of between R$1 and R$1.20.

momentary relief

However, the relief is momentary. The reduction in ICMS, PIS and Cofins is valid only until December 31, 2022. That is, as of January 1, 2023, prices return to previous levels.

In addition, there is a strong upward trend in the international price of fuels, including diesel. Therefore, the market does not rule out the possibility of Petrobras announcing new adjustments.

In the case of the DF, the reduction in ICMS will also impact local government accounts and projects. The Palácio do Buriti reserved R$ 500 million from the budget as a security measure.

“It will cause enormous damage to the city, but what can you do, right? It has to comply. Law is made to be enforced”, pointed out Governor Ibaneis.

O metropolises researched prices at 10 gas stations in the Federal District. Check the values:

Posto Auto Posto EPTG — R$ 6.43 in debit or credit

Shell Águas Claras Post — R$ 6.49 in debit, credit or cash

Céu Ceilândia Post BRL 6.39 in debit or cash, BRL 6.49 in credit

Posto da Torre Asa Sul — BRL 6.59 in cash or debit, BRL 6.74 in credit

Posto Jarjour 210 Sul — R$ 6.39 in debit or credit (the value also applies to gasoline with additives and, for those who follow the station’s Instagram, it is R$ 0.05 cheaper)

Jarjour 206 Norte gas station — BRL 6.49 in debit or credit (the value also applies to gasoline with additives and, for those who follow Instagram, it is BRL 0.05 cheaper)

Jarjour CSB 8 Taguatinga gas station — R$ 6.35 in debit or credit (the value also applies to gasoline with additives and, for those who follow Instagram, it is R$ 0.05 cheaper)

Petrolino Taguatinga Station — R$ 6.29 in debit (does not work with credit)

Planaltina Post, Quadra 7, Jardim Roriz — R$ 6.59 in debit or credit

RPM post, Samambaia — R$6.45 in debit and R$6.65 in credit

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