Anitta praises influencer’s boyfriend on show: ‘Most beautiful I’ve ever seen’ | celebrities

Anita and Dominique
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Anita and Dominique

Anitta has lynx eyes. In the middle of the show she was doing in Holland, she managed to discover quite a few eye drops. The singer stopped the show to praise the boyfriend of a Brazilian influencer, who was in the audience. Dominique Honnebier is the name of the young man, who impressed Almighty.

The singer came to the edge of the stage and pointed ahead, asking who he was the guy behind Brazilian Gabryeli Costa, who also works as a model in Europe.

“What a handsome boyfriend you have. I’ve never seen a more handsome man in my entire life. I’m blown away”, said Anitta, without holding back.

Dominique, of course, gained fame on social media and the girlfriend was bombarded with questions. He even made waves when posting the video. “Apparently I’m the most handsome man Anitta has ever seen? Hahaha. As you know I was at the concert with my girlfriend when she stopped the music to talk to us. So let’s make this video reach her! Thank you all “, wrote the handsome man.

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Gabrielle has seen the number of followers on his social media soar. By early Monday afternoon, the 4th, she had already reached more than 11,000 followers. From Natal, in Rio Grande do Norte, she has been living in Holland for five years.

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