Deadline for registration in public contest for teacher in Fortaleza is extended – Papo Carreira

It was extended until the Next sunday (10) the deadline for registration for the public contest of the Municipality of Fortaleza that you intend to hire two thousand effective teachers to the municipal network. Candidates can express their interest in participating in the contest on the Concursos e Seleções channel.

The contest will be held by the Institute of Development and Human Resources (Imparh) of Fortaleza and is, according to the City Hall, the largest in recent years for the area of education.

Of the total vacancies, 944 are for teachers of specific areas, such as Science, Portuguese Language, Physical Education, Geography, History, Portuguese Language/Literature, Mathematics and Religious Education. The remainder (1,056) are for professional pedagogues.

The starting salary for those approved, who will be incorporated into the municipal education network next year, will be BRL 4,384.82higher than the national floor.


The public tender will have three stages:

  • Objective proof;
  • Didactic practice (class);
  • Delivery of titles and professional proof.

The first stage, referring to the written test, will be held on August 7th.

Contest entries

When: until July 10th
Where: exclusively on the internet, through the Concursos e Seleções channel

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