Dialogues for Brazil debate SUS reconstruction, defense of life and democracy

On Monday, July 4th, the fourth live debate of the series “Dialogues for Brazil” will have as its theme the Unified Health System, the defense of life and democracy, with the participation of Humberto Costa, Jandira Feghali, José Augusto Venda and Carlos Lula, and mediation by Eliana Cruz, from 7 pm, and can be watched on the programjuntospelobrasil.com.br platform page

The Juntos Pelo Brasil platform, created to present, debate and allow popular participation in the construction of the Lula-Alckmin slate government plan, started the series “Dialogues for Brazil”, a space to involve personalities, specialists and national entities to advance in the process of programmatic construction.

The Juntos Pelo Brasil platform was created to present, debate and allow popular participation in the construction of the government plan of the Lula-Alckmin ticket. Launched on June 21, it has already received more than 8,500 suggestions on the most diverse topics, ranging from individual positions to proposals that have always been flags of popular movements.

The digital platform for popular participation was launched on April 21 along with the guidelines of the government program that indicate urgent priorities in the fight against hunger and poverty; combating inflation and reducing the cost of living, strengthening Petrobras, resuming investment in agriculture and regulating stocks, to reduce food prices and put food on the plate of Brazilians, resumption of public and private investment, to generate employment, end of spending ceiling, defense of the Amazon, combating deforestation, respecting environmental laws and protecting indigenous peoples, allied to the fight against climate change; in addition to democracy, justice, peace, sovereignty and reintegration of Brazil into the world.

To contribute and follow the debates, visit https://www.programajuntospelobrasil.com.br/


Dialogues across Brazil: SUS, defense of life and democracy

Guests: Humberto Costa, Jandira Feghali, José Augusto Venda, Carlos Lula, Eliana Cruz

Date: 4th of July

Time: 7 pm

Exhibition: programajuntospelobrasil.com.br

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