Dynho Alves exchanges Mirella for Lumena Aleluia and makes a hot invitation | famous

Dancer Dynho Alves seems to have changed his mind about the invitation he made to his ex-wife, MC Mirella, to record together erotic content to be marketed on adult video platforms. This is because, recently, the ex-participant of “A Fazenda 13”, made a hot proposal to another woman, the ex-BBB21, Lumena Aleluia.

As is known, the DJ announced through her social networks last week that she had also decided to enter the market for marketing intimate content. After that, Lumena declared that she has been the target of attacks on social networks. On her Twitter profile, the ex-sister even made an outburst, reporting a little more about the case:

“In one day working on a platform for adult content, I’ve already received more attacks than when I was at BBB… and I only have one thing to say: FUCK IT!!!!!! I am a free and unencumbered woman”, highlighted the famous. Her outburst reverberated on social media and was shared by some celebrity profiles on Instagram. Dynho Alves, when he came across the text, offered solidarity and even made a “hot” proposal to Karol Conká’s friend:

“That’s it, and are we going to make content together?”, invited the ex-husband of MC Mirella. Upon seeing the a priori questioning, Lumena reserved herself to comment, only using emojis, of fire and a face with a mischievous smile. Seeing her interaction with the ex-Fazenda being reflected on celebrity pages on social networks, Lumena Aleluia again spoke out: “Is this feat authorized?”, wanted to know the ex-BBB.

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