Electricity bill is more expensive in 24 cities in São Paulo; see in which

Residents of 24 cities in São Paulo should prepare themselves for an electricity bill, on average, 12% more expensive as of today. All cities served by Enel São Paulo will be affected — the distributor supplies energy to 7.6 million consumer units in the state.

The average increase for the consumer will be 12.04%, with 18.03% for high voltage and 10.15% for low voltage. According to the company, low voltage consumers are mostly residential customers. Medium and high voltage customers are, in general, industries and large businesses.

The readjustment was authorized by Aneel (National Electric Energy Agency) on the 28th.

See which cities will have the most expensive electricity bill:

  • Sao Paulo;
  • Barueri;
  • Cajamar;
  • Carapicuíba;
  • Cotia;
  • Diadem;
  • Embu of the Arts;
  • Embu-Guaçu;
  • Itapecerica da Serra;
  • Itapevi;
  • Jandira;
  • Juquitiba;
  • Mauá;
  • Osasco;
  • Pirapora do Bom Jesus;
  • Ribeirão Pires;
  • Rio Grande da Serra;
  • Santana de Parnaiba;
  • Saint Andrew;
  • São Bernardo do Campo;
  • Sao Caetano do Sul;
  • São Lourenço da Serra;
  • Taboao da Serra;
  • Vargem Grande Paulista.

Tax return will not decrease account

The law that provides for refunding to consumers duplicate charges on electricity bills will not bring immediate relief to the pocket. The rule was sanctioned by President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) on the 28th and institutes the return of PIS/Cofins credit to the consumer through a reduction in electricity rates.

In some states, this extra “credit” will be snapped up by the increase in the electricity bill. This is the case of São Paulo, for example. The PIS/Cofins discount was 8.7%, but the average increase will be 12.04%.

*With Brazil Agency

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