Flamengo accelerates negotiations to try to save the year

Flamengo is experiencing a busy market window this summer, in a move that the board and fans only hope will not be too late in terms of initial planning for the season. With reinforcement already announced and other impact negotiations well underway, the club is still analyzing more names and may present news soon.

Rubro-Negro has an agreement closed with Chilean midfielder Arturo Vidal and talks advanced by striker Luis Henrique, revealed at Botafogo and who is at Olympique de Marseille, in France.

In addition, he has already announced Cebolinha, who was at Benfica, from Portugal. The striker has even started training at Ninho do Urubu.

Cebolinha, by the way, is an example of the red-black action to try to make up for lost time. The striker, who played for the Brazilian national team, had already been on the agenda at the beginning of the season, as requested by coach Paulo Sousa in replacement for Michael. But due to the —now overcome— impasse with the Central Bank, which resulted in the pledge of R$127 million, Fla was forced to step on the brakes at first.

At the time, faced with the obstacle, the board turned to the national market and saw Marinho as a solution for the sector. like the UOL Esporte showed in an article published on the 10th of last month, Paulo Sousa did not find the support he expected in the mission to renew the squad, and, in addition, amidst the arrival of reinforcements, only Pablo was chosen under the influence of the then commander.

Shortly after the loss of the Campeonato Carioca title, in the final against Fluminense, there was a strong protest outside the training center. At the time, the board showed support for Sousa and admitted that the journey in the market had not been as imagined.

“I’ll say it again. When the results don’t happen, the temperature rises. Paulo was hired to make adjustments that we needed to be made. We knew about the quality of his commission. Any coach makes requests for reinforcements in positions he thinks he should. And what happened? Maybe they didn’t happen where he thought it could be more important. He asked for some players, and we made that clear”, said Marcos Brazil, vice football, at the time. “We had several problems. We managed to hire, but not at the speed we imagined. The Central Bank’s problem happened at a very bad time. But we brought in reinforcements.”

Paulo Sousa was fired almost a month ago, amid enormous internal pressure and also in the stands, and a dose of controversy such as the swoop with goalkeeper Diego Alves.

Dorival Júnior was chosen for the vacancy and left Ceará to take over Rubro-Negro. So far, there have been seven games, with four wins and three defeats. In the Brasileirão, the team is in eighth place, with 21 points, eight less than the leader Palmeiras.

The club is also playing in the knockout stages of the Copa Libertadores (a 1-0 win against Tolima away from home) and the Copa do Brasil (a 2-1 loss to Atlético-MG). Reinforcements will only be able to debut in these competitions if, of course, they have a guaranteed spot.

Vidal is old “flirt”

The hiring of Vidal may represent the realization of an old “flirt”. In previous opportunities, the Chilean has already appeared with the Rubro-Negro shirt and praised the club, without hiding his desire to defend the carioca team one day.

In previous inquiries, the board lost. In April, Marcos Braz admitted an initial contact, but, at the time, made a point of saying that there was nothing between the parties.

“We even went to know the conditions, but now there’s nothing. We have until July 18th. We’ve been told that he wants to go back to South America, but he still doesn’t have anything,” he said.

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