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Amid actions by Fluminense in the week of Fred’s farewell, shirt 9 did a live of almost two hours on the club’s official Instagram this Monday afternoon with several guests, including players, former athletes and fans. Nino, Rafael Sóbis, Gum and Thiago Neves participated in the video call (Leandro Euzébio and Tartá were also called, but did not appear). The “review” recalled stories and curiosities of the tricolor idol’s career, who had fun and even got emotional.

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Fred does live with Nino and Rafael Sóbis on Fluminense’s Instagram — Photo: Reproduction

In the video, Fred played with the post-career starting on Saturday, when he will retire in the game against Ceará for the Brazilian Championship. But he stated that he intends to continue in the world of football after hanging up his boots.

“I thought a lot about this decision, and Paula (wife of shirt 9) decided. I’m going to stop. I’m going to become a bugle. In football I have to be”

In a relaxed tone, Sóbis said that Fred should have already stopped playing because he had been “in the way for about three years” and joked with the fact that shirt 9 had tried to climb into the stands in the match against Corinthians, last Saturday, when he scored the Fluminense’s fourth and final goal.

Fred and Rafael Sobis played together for Fluminense from 2011 to 2014 — Photo: Matheus Andrade / Photocamera

– I was seeing the end of the game, what a beautiful thing. Just you stupid, wanting to open the stadium, thinking it’s Moses? (Laughter) How cool to see the Maraca packed – said Sóbis.

The former player recalled the club’s lack of structure in the period when they played together, between 2011 and 2014 (Fluminense trained in Laranjeiras at the time), but stated that the group was happy in simplicity.

– Structure was very bad, I took a shower. We spent six, seven hours at the club and were happy. It invaded Abel’s room, if things were thrown… We had so little, but we were so happy.

Fred held back tears during Gum’s testimony – Photo: Reproduction

The live also had moments of emotion. In his participation, Gum confided that Fred did not want to leave Fluminense in 2016, but that he accepted to go to Atlético-MG to “not cause a riot”. The statement left shirt 9 visibly moved.

– I was one of the guys who kept something private about you for many years. Remember there in Chapecó, getting on the bus, a week before they sold you, you opened your heart to a private friend and said: “I’ll have to leave, the guys want to sell me”. I was honored that you told me, but I suffered because I knew you didn’t want to leave. Few people know this. I had to have the same feeling of pain and keep it because I couldn’t express that it would be bad.

– You agreed to leave so as not to cause a riot, you preferred to leave Fluminense alone rather than cause a riot, because Fluminense would not gain anything from it. I suffered a lot, because when you left, you were criticized a lot for it, but I couldn’t express it because it was your private thing. People need to know the truth, you never wanted to leave – said the CRB defender.

Fred does live with Gum and Thiago Neves on Fluminense’s Instagram — Photo: Reproduction

Thiago Neves was the last to participate in the live and already entered joking for Fred to be careful in next Saturday’s game:

– Get a big shin guard there, because there will be a defender called Messias who will be waiting for you (laughs).

Jokes aside, the midfielder congratulated Fred and regretted not being in Brazil to be able to accompany his friend’s farewell in person at Maracanã:

– You deserve it too much, even more in that club there. Too bad we’re not there. Children’s vacation, we brought them to Disney.

When Fred mocked Thiago Neves saying that he only managed to get married because of football, the midfielder’s wife, Marcella, replied in the background: “He owes everything to the Flu, Fred”. And shirt 9 amended: “You deserve a farewell here”.

“God willing, we’ll like it too,” replied Thiago Neves.

during the live (watch in full in the video above), Fred also made a point of highlighting that he was joking when he talked about the crowd invading the field in his farewell. “There was the King of Stories making fun. Don’t do it for me and Fluminense, otherwise I’ll feel internally guilty”, said the player, stressing the title chance and showing concern about losing command.

In a farewell rhythm, Fred doesn’t hide his desire to feel the affection of the fans up close at the moment of goodbye. In the live, shirt 9 declared that he would like to go to Laranjeiras after the match against Ceará, but highlighted that the action is unfeasible due to restrictions in place.

Fred also said that he would like to make a commemorative game between the 2009 and 2012 Flu squads, but declared that Maracanã has no date to give up the stadium: “We are having difficulty doing that”, he declared.

Maracanã will be packed at Fred’s farewell against Ceará on Saturday — Photo: André Durão

In addition, shirt 9 commented on a possible increase in the ticket load for the match against Ceará, as long as the Ceará club gives up its quota. Fred even marked the president of Vozão, Robinson de Castro, when he made an appeal through Instagram stories last Sunday.

– Mário is looking at this (increase ticket load), he is talking to the president of Ceará. It’s more their issue than ours. Mário is waiting for some position, he is giving his life to happen – said Fred on the live.

This Monday, the club starts the “Fred week” and prepares daily surprises until Saturday, when the Maracanã will be packed and full of programs before and after the match. The complete schedule is a “state secret” in Laranjeiras, even for employees. But some actions have already started over the weekend through social networks, such as remembering remarkable goals from shirt 9 – the 200th goal of his career, on a bicycle over Coritiba, was the first posted on video –, or leaving Fred as “adm” from Fluminense’s official Instagram account.

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Previously, Fluminense had also launched a website dedicated to the idol, with numbers, stories, photos, wallpapers and official products. The making of special souvenir tickets for the game is announced.

On Saturday, Fluminense prepares a day full of programs. Events inside the Maracanã will begin as soon as the stadium gates open in the afternoon, usually two hours before the match – so it will be important to arrive early this time. And after the final whistle, there will also be a final moment to mark the fans’ farewell with their idol. As it is the only post-game attraction, there is a risk of an eventual stumble “putting water on the beer”. But, if that is the case, internally there is hope that the tricolors will have the understanding that “the heart will have to speak louder”.

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