Gasoline will be up to R$1 cheaper in Ceará, says Sindipostos

The average price of a liter of gasoline in Ceará will be reduced from R$ 0.70 to R$ 1 as a result of the reduction in the tax on the circulation of goods and services (ICMS) for fuel, energy and transport in the state. Already diesel, as it already has the tax rate at 17%, should not be reduced.

The information was forwarded exclusively to the THE PEOPLE by Antônio José Costa, economic advisor of the Union of Retail Trade of Petroleum Derivatives of the State of Ceará (Sindipostos), representing the owners of gas stations in the State.

The reduction, as highlighted by Antônio, will be implemented this week and occurs as a result of the announcement by the governor of Ceará, Izolda Cela (PDT), who on Monday morning informed that the State will adopt the 18% ceiling for the ICMS charged on the purchase and sale of fuel, energy and commercialization of transport services in the State.

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How is the price of fuel in Ceará?

The average price of a liter of gasoline in Ceará is currently at the level of R$ 7.57, according to data from the National Petroleum Agency (ANP) based on the monitoring of 209 gas stations between June 26 and July 2, being the third most expensive in the Northeast region.

The fuel in the State is sold with prices that vary between R$ 6.97 and R$ 8.39. The expectation of Sindipostos, from the reduction of ICMS in Ceará, is to sell the liter of common gasoline with an average price of up to R$ 6.57 starting next week.

With a reduction between R$ 0.70 and R$ 1, the value of fuel, at the cheapest point of sale in the state, can reach R$ 5.97.

The price list, however, is not standardized, so each establishment will decide by what percentage to reduce prices and from when.

ICMS ceiling in Ceará will make fuel prices reduce as early as this week
ICMS ceiling in Ceará will make fuel prices reduce this week (Photo: FABIO LIMA)

The liter of S10 diesel (the most consumed in Brazil, according to Petrobras), which, according to the ANP, has an average price of R$ 7.94, the third most expensive among the nine northeastern states of Brazil, should remain at this level, as the effect on fuel is minimal.

Between June 26 and July 2, the ANP found the product being sold in Ceará with prices between R$ 7.15 and R$ 8.89.

ICMS reduction

The state tax ceiling was approved by law and came into effect on June 24 of this year after presidential sanction and publication in the Official Gazette of the Union.

Despite this, Ceará had not yet reduced the tax due to political and legal articulations that seek to reconcile an agreement with the Federal Government in search of real compensation for tax losses or even a staggered reduction in the ICMS rate.

Currently, two lawsuits are in progress at the Federal Supreme Court (STF) on the subject and, in parallel with the matter, the Constitutional Amendment Proposal (PEC) is underway in the Senate, which seeks to expand social benefits such as Auxílio Brasil and Auxílio Gás, in addition to creating the Truck Driver Assistance and new actions to stop the rise in fuel prices.

“The governor’s decision was very assertive, Ceará was breaking the law and was at risk of being intervened, what she did was comply with the law, but we are relieved that the reduction will be implemented soon”, highlights Antônio José.

Ceará implements 18% ICMS ceiling on fuel and gasoline and diesel will be up to R$1 cheaper in the state
Ceará implements 18% ICMS ceiling on fuels and gasoline and diesel will be up to R$1 cheaper in the state (Photo: Thais Mesquita)

The economic advisor at Sindipostos also says that the sector has “good expectations” for a further reduction in fuel prices with the promise that the Union could make possible the total exemption from ICMS by the end of the year.

“We had already reduced the price as a result of reductions in the costs of the production chain, with the reduced ICMS in Ceará we will be able to lower it even more and generate this relief for the consumer’s pocket”, highlights Antônio.

He criticizes speeches that states will have difficulty in maintaining education and health services with the reduction of ICMS and also points out that the drop in fuel prices will generate a “sequence of reductions” and says that such savings will increase consumption in the state. .

“For me it is a fallacy to say that there will only be losses, each real of savings in fuel and energy is an extra real in the pocket of the Ceará citizen who will go back to buying other products that also collect taxes”.

Article updated at 1:07 pm to change Sindipostos’ position on diesel

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