Globo Repórter shows the paths pointed out by science for healthy weight loss | Globo reporter

O Globo reporter this week will talk about weight loss. The struggle to lose weight is part of everyday life for men and women across the country.

Globo Repórter shows the struggle of those who want to lose weight — Photo: Globo Repórter

Brazilians were the ones who gained the most weight in the pandemic. Most of the population is overweight considered ideal.

Globo Repórter brings unprecedented research on healthy weight loss — Photo: Globo Repórter

The program followed – for four months – the hard routine of those who need to get out of obesity.

Fad diets… or changing habits? Who wins this fight against the scales?

A balanced diet is essential for health — Photo: Globo Repórter

Unpublished research reveals the best paths for those who want to lose weight in a healthy way.

Program interviewed staff at Hospital das Clínicas de São Paulo — Photo: Globo Repórter

And yet: the doctors who wear the kitchen apron to help patients lose weight.

It is this Friday (8), right after the soap opera “Pantanal”.

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