Grêmio fans point out culprits and detonate players after a draw

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Grêmio visited Bahia, this past Sunday (3), at Arena Fonte Nova, in Salvador, and did not leave 0-0 on the scoreboard. The tie did not change the situation of both teams in the table of Série B 2022, as Tricolor Gaúcho remains in fourth position, with 26 points, while Esquadrão de Aço is in third, now with 29 points conquered.

Performance irritates Gremio fans

Although the draw was not a bad result for Roger Machado’s men in the championship, Grêmio fans complained about Tricolor’s departure on social media. Not even the fact that the 10-game unbeaten streak has calmed the supporters.

Grêmio fans made numerous criticisms about the way the team behaved on the field. Slowness and lack of offensiveness were the most cited questions. Others directed the insults at athletes who played against Bahia, such as Jaminton Campaz, Elias Manoel and Rodrigo Ferreira.

In a press conference after the game against Bahia, Grêmio’s vice president of football, Denis Abrahão, presented some numbers from the Tricolor Gaucho season to demonstrate that the team has efficiency, despite not having good football on some occasions.

Throughout his speech, the Grêmio leader highlighted that all games in the second division have a lower technical level like the last confrontation against Bahia, trying to justify the argument.

“I think we sinned in the final ball. It was a matter of detail. If we are going to analyze the football of a overall way, we saw yesterday’s games (Saturday, 2) in the first division, it’s totally different. In the second division, that’s it. There are no good games. That’s the truth”commented.

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