Ivete Sangalo shows her twins dancing: “just like their mother”

Singer Ivete Sangalo caught her two daughters having fun in a cute little dance

The singer Ivete Sangalo showed a beautiful and rare moment with her youngest daughters and delighted. The artist shows little of her personal life on social media. She prefers to leave her profile online more focused on promoting new projects, advertising campaigns and different partnerships.

The artist is a mother of three children. The eldest son of Bahia is already 12 years old. Marcelo is the one who appears most in the media. This is because just like the famous mom, the boy is completely passionate about music. He already plays several musical instruments and performs with Veveta’s official band on many occasions.

In addition to Marcelo, the singer is the mother of little ones Marina and Helena. The girls who are four years old are twins. The heirs are fruits of the marriage of Ivete Sangalo with the nutritionist Daniel Cady. They’ve been together since 2008 and a short time later they made the union official in an intimate ceremony.

This weekend, mom caught a cute scene on her cell phone and decided to share it with fans. In the record, Marina and Helena show that the waddle comes from the cradle and they appear dancing in the living room of the family mansion. The duplinha is in front of a television listening to one of her mother’s new hits.

In a project in which he makes musical partnerships, Ivete Sangalo made an unprecedented sound with the singer Thierry. The track “O Que Sera De Nós” was released on digital platforms and, apparently, fell in love with the cute twins. The little ones appear dancing, with the right hand on their face, in the style of suffering!

“A good dose of JOY, because from suffering we are in a vévi”, joked Veveta in the caption. Presenter Sabrina Sato melted: “Ai que amor”. Astrid Fontenelle agreed: “But look at this!!!! It’s so cute!” Fátima Bernardes defined: “Wonderful”.

Many fans took advantage of the rare appearance of the child dancers and declared themselves to them. “Everyone surrendered to this suffering”, joked an internet user. Another was delighted: “Genteeeeeee… What a moment show”. One confessed: “I can’t handle this duplinha, no”. And yet another evaluated: “These have someone to pull! Just like the mother”.

Marina and Helena, daughters of Ivete Sangalo and Daniel Cady, enchanted when they appeared dancing

Instagram reproduction The little ones Marina and Helena, daughters of Ivete Sangalo and Daniel Cady, having fun with their mom’s new song

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