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Manoel Soares held a tray while Patrícia Poeta
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Manoel Soares held a tray while Patrícia Poeta “shone” at the Meeting

Sad. This is the word that defines the debut of the new phase of the Encounter. Sad because Globo clearly demoted Manoel Soares to put all the spotlight on Patrícia Poeta. From a presenter, he became a stage assistant. He was cornered, crossed and interrupted several times by the new starter. And to make matters worse, he starred in one of the most embarrassing scenes we could see: he held a tray of snacks while Fátima Bernardes’ replacement was “honored” at the end of the program.

Patrícia opened the program alone, emphasizing herself and marking her territory. “I’m so happy to be able to talk to you at home, to pass my message on to you at home,” she began. “I hope you enjoy my company from home, because I’ve loved yours for a long time, only about 25 years”.

Then, instead of announcing Manoel, he struck up a conversation with the singer Pericles, a guest at his official debut. And only after almost 3 minutes of program start was the second presenter introduced. And he was not positioned next to Patricia and was conditioned to the audience for the first 20 minutes of the meeting.

In his first speech, Manoel wanted to emphasize his role in the morning, but Patrícia crossed him and insisted that the program is hers and that her colleague is just a collaborator. He was embarrassing. See what was said:

It is a great pleasure to be with you, this moment that we are going to live together from now on will make a lot of difference in our lives. What is relevant to you will be here in our Globo supermorning. So stay with us, because this meeting is ours, right Patricia?
That’s it! I will count on you! Fátima Bernardes had great partners for ten years, and I will count on you a lot, partner. You’re welcome here.

In his first major participation, Manoel talked about unemployment and interviewed a girl from the audience. Patricia crossed over to the conversation and ended the chat. In the second block, when Manoel went to the crowd to talk about Pantanal, again Fátima’s substitute crossed him a few times.

There was a huge physical estrangement between the two for most of the show. Even when Tati Machado occupied the guest sofa to talk about the unfolding of the nine o’clock soap opera, Patrícia and Manoel were positioned in armchairs to the side, and appeared together on camera. But the new titleholder even avoided her partner and decided to join Tati, completely canceling Manoel from the conversation.

At the end of the first edition, Ana Maria Braga appeared on the screen for an interaction with Patrícia and Manoel, and had the famous drumsticks and cheese breads made by her team at Mais Você delivered to the studio.

The production left a huge bouquet of flowers in Patrícia’s hands, and with Manoel a tray of delicacies. At this moment, at the request of the stage management, the audience began to scream only the name of Patrícia Poeta, ignoring Manoel in the ovation.

It’s sad to see the direction that was given in this case. Manoel had freedom in É de Casa and also when he was summoned to replace Fátima along with Patrícia at the Meeting. He was always placed as a presenter, not an assistant. Now he will only have space when his colleague frees up – or when he has to hold trays next to the “new star” of Globo’s mornings.

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