‘Pantanal’: Juma tells Jove that he has his son in his belly and the couple has a new fight | come around

The mood of soooo much love between Juma (Alanis Guillen) and Jove (Jesuíta Barbosa) will pass quickly. In the next chapters of Pantanal, the couple will have a new fight about where they will live – with an addendum: Juma admits that the two will have a child together.

Soon after returning from the river, the couple will return to the tapera and Juma will be angry, because she thought that Jove would live there with her.

“Look… I want you by my side… I just need to stay there on the farm”, will start Jove.

“So I didn’t even have to have vîno!”, Juma countered.

The jaguar girl will insist that she doesn’t want to leave the tapera and Jove will try to negotiate.

“All this is yours… The house, the land, the oxen. Everything!”, he will say. “Nobody is going to touch anything. Everything will stay as it is… What’s the problem? The problem is José Lucas. It’s the people. Everything.”

It looks like Juma will deliver that he intends to have their child right there and that the sex was planned.

“How do you want to have a baby here if you’re not even pregnant?!”, Jove will ask.

“I laid down with you to have him, Joventino!”, she replied, placing her hand on her belly.

Jove will be scared and will try to argue that the lover only had sex thinking about the child.

“I said I wanted a child of yours… And I said I was going to have this child here! With or without you!”, Juma concludes.

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