Patrícia Poeta debuts in command of ‘Encontro’: ‘Heart almost coming out of the mouth’ | TV and Series

“What a pleasure to have you here on such a special day. My heart is almost coming out of my mouth”, said Patricia right at the opening of the program, joining the audience.

“I’m going to pretend I’m not nervous. Nervous heart, but very happy. Starting today, we start a new story in this program, which is already very successful. I deeply hope that you enjoy my company from home, because already I’ve loved yours for a long time,” said Patrícia.

The presenter also called the attraction partner, Manoel Soares. “Fatima had great partners and I will count on you a lot, partner”, she said.

“It is a great pleasure to be with you, this moment that we are going to live together from now on”, stated Manoel.

Manoel Soares is Patrícia Poeta’s partner in charge of the “Encontro” — Photo: Globo

During the first block, Patrícia also showed the change of studios from Rio de Janeiro to São Paulo, from where he starts broadcasting in this new stage. She also announced the first musical appearance of the season: the singer Pericles.

“It’s a pleasure to have you on the first program, which always marks a story”, celebrated Patricia.

Tati Machado also participated in the program, bringing news about the soap opera “Pantanal”. And Patricia showed the already known “cloud of words” that are being commented on social networks.

“Looking at that monitor, we get closer. We get used to it”, said Patrícia, adapting to the frame, now in 3D.

The third frame of the program had the participation of presenters Michelle Loreto and Valéria Almeida, who took the moment of “Bem Estar” to the stage of the attraction. “There’s an audience,” joked Michelle as she arrived on stage to bring health news.

In the final stretch of the program, Patrícia also spoke about her process of moving to São Paulo and confessed that “I was a little scared because of so many changes together”. Then, she summoned Ana Maria Braga to advance some of the attractions of “Mais Você”, which premieres in a new schedule.

“I wish you all the success in the world. A special kiss from the audience. I don’t have it, but now it’s close to me. I feel like the next door neighbor”, joked Ana Maria, who sent flowers and a huge portion of drumsticks for Patrícia and Manuel.

Patrícia closed the attraction by thanking the audience at home, the audience, her partner Manoel and wishing: “Good morning and good luck”.

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Patrícia Poeta debuts in charge of “Encontro” — Photo: Globo

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