Sasha takes millionaire coup and husband is involved in scandal

Sasha Meneghel and João Figueiredo, her husband, have already wasted BRL 1.2 million in an alleged million-dollar coup in which they failed.

The information stole the show from the people, as it is Franciscley Valdevino da Silva who is involved in this obscure scheme. The boy is more famous as Francis da Silva or Sheik. That way, they weren’t the only ones who fell into the trap.

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In addition to Sasha and João Figueiredo, Sheik is being sued for R$ 4 million and, apparently, there are at least 20 people from Apucarana, Paraná, who fell for the boy’s chat. Therefore, who provided the relevant information was the newspaper O Globo, which said that the heiress of Xuxa Meneghel, and her husband, stayed close to Sheik after a service at an evangelical church they were going to.

Also according to the newspaper, Sasha and João Figueiredo made small investments of R$ 1 million reais. In addition, Sheik promised 13.5% profit on what they paid in cryptocurrency rentals. So, to get more customers, the brand has two strong boxes with 1kg gold bars, and another one with 10 grams of gold balls at its headquarters, to delight the innocent.

Sasha’s father comments on the matter

The famous’s father, Luciano Szafir, when reading an issue on the subject, vented. “I talked to her and this is being dealt with in court. The person responsible will not go unpunished”, he said in a conversation with O Globo. “It’s a fact that everyone can go through. There are a lot of serious people in the cryptocurrency market, but there are also a lot of crooks. Unfortunately that happened to Sasha, it was that thing of getting to know (the person) through friends”, he shot.

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