Thiago Gagliasso is sentenced to pay R$10,000 for spreading fake news

posted on 04/07/2022 13:07

  (Credit: Playback/Instagram)

(Credit: Playback/Instagram)

Thiago Gagliasso, brother of actor Bruno Gagliasso, was ordered to pay R$10,000 in compensation for spreading fake news.

According to information in the column by Ancelmo Gois, in the newspaper The globeThiago Gagliasso must pay the amount to Adriana Santana de Araújo Rodrigues, mother of Marlon Santana de Araújo, one of the young people murdered in the Jacarezinho massacre in May 2021.

At the time, Thiago shared on social media a photo of a woman holding a rifle, claiming to be Adriana, information that was soon denied by the police themselves.

This Sunday (3/6), Thiago Gagliasso made a series of stories on Instagram talking about the conviction.

“Whoever speaks here is a convict, a danger to society, but I wasn’t notified, I didn’t even know about the process, I swear to God. Not even my lawyers were mentioned, but I’m a moral convict. I didn’t even know I was a bolsonarista influencer” , he said in a tone of irony.

He then highlighted the fact that he had not been notified about the process. “Now, seriously, I wasn’t even notified and I’m already condemned. I didn’t even know this process was going on, my lawyers didn’t even know… .

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