Valley is one of the bets

This week, four analysis houses, brokerages and a bank selected a set of stocks to invest in the short term. For this, they consider the events that can impact the values ​​of the shares and the tendency of each action.

What will affect investments?

In the domestic scenario, the fuel PEC (Proposed Amendment to the Constitution) enters the radar of investors as a possible hole in the government spending ceiling, according to MyCap Investimentos. The proposal that increases Auxílio Brasil from R$400 to R$600, creates aid for truck drivers and taxi drivers, among other benefits, has already been approved in the Senate and will now be analyzed in the Chamber.

This Wednesday (6th), other data that should influence investments are the IGP-DI (General Price Index – Internal Availability) and the Systematic Survey of Agricultural Production.

On Friday (6), the IPCA (National Broad Consumer Price Index) will be released on June inflation.

In addition, investors are keeping an eye on the release of important data in the United States. This week, the minutes of the FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) and the FED (Federal Reserve) will be released, as well as data on jobs in the private sector (called payroll) and the American trade balance.

Looking at these indicators, paybank, mycap, Mirae and Ativa put together their recommended portfolios for this week.

How is the selection made?

To arrive at the indicated shares, PagBank, for example, analyzes the performance graphs of the shares. Thus, the bank detects those that are in an uptrend and those that have already fallen a lot and can change direction. Mycap, Mirae and Ativa have a similar method.

Despite this, few actions are repeated from one portfolio to another — and the advantage of comparing them is that you can make your own conclusions. The only one that appears in two of them is Vale (VALE3), which is considered one of the safest stocks on the market.

Another point in common is the agricultural sector: two of the portfolios have assets from the segment, such as Minerva (BEEF3) and SLC Agrícola (SLCE3).

In general, all bet on large energy or infrastructure companies.

Check out the choices:


In the previous week, the selection had a lower performance than the Ibovespa index, with a return of 4.04% against 0.28% for the index. In the year, the portfolio accumulates losses of 10.87%. For the period between this Monday (4) and Friday (8), the company recommends:

  1. Minas Gerais Sanitation Company (CSMG3)
  2. Cosan (CSAN3)
  3. Porto Seguro (PSSA3)
  4. Moved (MOVI3)
  5. Vibrate (VBBR3)

Mirae Asset

Mirae’s selection for the previous week was positive at 0.59%. For this new period, the company chose:

  1. BB Seguridade (BBSE3)
  2. Isa Ceteep (TRPL4)
  3. Itaú (ITUB4)
  4. Minerva (BEEF3)
  5. Eletrobras (ELET6)
  6. Suzano (SUZB3)
  7. Taesa (TAEE11)
  8. Voucher (VALE3)
  9. Romi (ROMI3)
  10. Santos Brazil (STBP3)

Activate Investments

The pool of stocks selected last week was down 1.26%. This time, Active goes from:

  1. Agricultural SLC (SLCE3)
  2. Voucher (VALE3)
  3. Cemig (CMIG4)
  4. Bank of Brazil (BBAS3)
  5. Petro Rio (PRIO3)


The portfolio closed the week down 2.01%. The bank has now chosen:

  1. Boeing (BOEI34)
  2. Hapvida (HAPV3)
  3. Iochpe-Maxion (MYPK3)
  4. Oncoclinics (ONCO3)
  5. Weg (WEGE3)

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