“With what morals?”; Marcos Braz’s attitude shakes Flamengo’s backstage and irritates Mengão fans on the web


Vice-President fired one of the employees most loved by the players shortly after the victory against Santos, last Saturday

Photo: Alexandre Vidal / Flamengo
Photo: Alexandre Vidal / Flamengo

Flamengo has been getting good results on the pitch, and especially in the transfer window. If on the four lines the Carioca club is coming off three consecutive victories against América Mineiro, Tolima and Santos, in addition to having hired Luís Henrique and Arturo Vidal in the ball market, behind the scenes we cannot say the same. That’s because on the afternoon of this Monday (4), the journalist Isabelle Costa brought the information that Clebinho Reis, with more than 20 years at the club, was fired from Flamengo while still at the airport last Saturday (2), after the victory against Santos when the delegation was disembarking at Galeão, in Rio de Janeiro. The decision to fire the employee came from Marcos Braz, vice president of football. Clebinho’s candidacy for state deputy was the reason for his departure.

“Marcos Braz and Bruno Spindel gave Clebinho the opportunity to remain in Flamengo on the condition that he give up his candidacy for state deputy. However, the wardrobe chose to leave the club. The ex-employee was very well liked by the players”, revealed journalist Isabelle Costa. The employee’s dismissal was the trigger for Flamengo fans to detonate vice president Marcos Braz on the web. The manager has already been harshly criticized by the fans for a long time, but after the news given by the journalist, the pressure increased considerably.

“What morals did Mr Marcos Braz have to do this? each one saw it”,’ said a fan. “The clown from Braz wants to be the only politician in the club”, evaluated another member of the crowd. “If the VP could run for councilor and, according to what they say, he’s going to run for federal deputy, why can’t the wardrobe?”, asked another Rubro-Negro fanatic. “Hypocrite”, detonated another member of the crowd.

Flamengo returns to the field next Wednesday (6), at Maracanã, to face Tolima, in a game valid for the return leg of the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores da América. As they won the first match 1-0, Mengão can draw with the Colombians, who will still advance to the next phase of the continental tournament.

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