Alberto Valentim analyzes CSA’s defeat against Ponte Preta and summarizes: “Everything is missing” | csa

Coach Alberto Valentim still hasn’t won his first victory in command of CSA. In his fifth game ahead of the Azulina team, he lost to Ponte Preta, 1-0, this Thursday. It is the eighth game without a win in Serie B for the Alagoas team, which has now dropped to 18th place, with 16 points.

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After the confrontation at the Rei Pelé Stadium, the coach summarized the adverse moment.

“Everything is missing. We need to improve our game quality, we need to be more attentive so that the opponent does not reach our goal…”

– We’ll have to work everything out. When I talk about the emotional side, there will be no shortage of training, corrections, adjustments that we have to make on the field… We’re going to work hard to get out of this situation.

Valentim reached the fifth game in charge of CSA and still hasn’t won — Photo: Ailton Cruz/Gazeta de Alagoas

At the press conference, Valentim also mentioned the emotional side of the group. In the coach’s view, the team has already proved that it has conditions to present better football.

– Work a lot on the emotional part of this team. After a few days of training here, with two matches, the players did good things against Guarani and Grêmio and, later, things didn’t go as we wanted with more time, getting to know each other – evaluated the coach, pointing out how to deal with the crowd charges.

– The first thing now is to work hard. If we close ourselves off, this emotional one will have to work. We will have to have a broad back to withstand the blows to react and work hard. There’s no magic formula, it’s hard work.

Goal by Lucca for Ponte Preta — Photo: Ailton Cruz/Gazeta de Alagoas

Alberto Valentim showed confidence in the squad, pointed out the promising start to the season, but admitted that the Azulino attack needs to evolve. In 17 games, he scored just nine goals and has the worst performance in Serie B.

– There are a lot of good things to come out of this group. The beginning of the year proves this. I mentioned the first two games of mine here, which were not with victories, but they were games with many good things. It’s obvious that the team needs to score goals, it’s an attack that has scored few goals so far, but the team still has a lot to give than it was mainly today, which was a game totally below what I already know about the team and that it was coming doing before.

CSA vs Ponte Preta, for Série B — Photo: Ailton Cruz/Gazeta de Alagoas

Valentim debuted for CSA in a goalless draw against Guarani. Then, they drew with Grêmio (1 to 1), lost to Sampaio Corrêa (2 to 0), stayed in the draw against Londrina (0 to 0) and lost again this Thursday.

For the match against Ponte Preta, the coach made changes to the team. He put Igor on the right side, replacing Lucas Marques, and Yann Rolim forming the midfield along with Giva Santos, Geovane and Gabriel. Up front, he formed the attack with Lucas Barcelos and Osvaldo.

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