Boca Juniors fans paint Bombonera against Riquelme: “The romance is over” | international football

Love ended at Boca Juniors. After the elimination in Libertadores and the dismissal of coach Sebastián Battaglia, fans spray-painted the walls of Bombonera. The target was Juan Román Riquelme, former midfielder and current manager of the club.

“Roman$e is over,” wrote the fans, alluding to Riquelme’s middle name.

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Graffiti on the Bombonera wall, Boca Juniors stadium — Photo: Reproduction

In all, there were two graffiti on the walls of Bombonera. Boca Juniors acted quickly to cover the messages, but the demonstration was registered and spread to social networks.

The protest drew attention in Argentina because Riquelme, one of the greatest idols in the history of Boca Juniors, had never been criticized in this way before. He is one of the club’s vice presidents and the strongman of football. Riquelme made the decision to fire Battaglia, for example.

Riquelme follows Boca Juniors game at Bombonera — Photo: Getty Images

Battaglia complained about the lack of reinforcements

In a poll carried out by the newspaper “Olé”, Riquelme appeared as the second biggest culprit for the elimination of Boca in the Libertadores, behind only Benedetto, responsible for missing two penalties in the duel with Corinthians.

Before being fired, Battaglia complained about the lack of reinforcements for the squad. The statements, a clear reference to Riquelme, did not go down well within the club, the former coach had to go public to clarify. Soon after, however, his departure was announced.

Eliminated in the round of 16 of Libertadores, Boca Juniors is still alive in the Argentine Cup and in the Argentine Championship.

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