Catarina reveals Petruchio’s betrayal to Neca

In the next chapters of O Cravo e a Rosa, by Globo, Catarina will have a conversation with Neca and reveal to the employee the reasons that make her and Petruchio fight so much. Batista’s daughter will report that she caught Petruchio with another woman and will claim that the man never truly liked her.

“Dona Catarina, you don’t know how sad I am to see you and Petruchio fighting. I am heartbroken. Excuse me, but I think that deep down, deep down, you like each other”, the maid will say to the beast, but she will get a cross answer from the woman.

“Peturchio sucks!”, she will say. “He who was always fighting with me and preferred to take anyone’s word over taking my word for it. I didn’t know why and I thought it was something that would pass with time. Yesterday I found out and caught Petruchio with another woman”, the young woman will scream. “Dona Catarina, don’t you tell me such a thing!”, the woman will ask. “I got it, Neca. Now I understand everything why he never liked me! He walked away from me because he liked someone else and it was all a plan to take my dowry and Dad’s money. I never really mattered to him,” she will reflect.

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