Chamber Committee approves PEC on Goodness; text goes to vote in plenary

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Discussion and Voting on the Report of the rapporteur Danilo Forte in the Special Committee

The Special Commission on Chamber of Deputies approved this Thursday, 7th, the Bondades PECwhich institutes a public calamity decree to enable the approval and creation of social programs and financial aid less than 90 days before the 2022 elections. Danilo Forte (União Brasil-CE), which maintained the text of the report sent by the Federal Senate, received 36 votes in favor and 1 vote against. Among other things, the matter moves BRL 41.25 billion from the Union, destined to increase by BRL 200 monthly the Brazil aid, reaching R$ 600 for three months; increase by 50% the payment of the gas voucher every two months; create the taxi driver voucher; to incorporate the creation of Pix Caminhoneiro, in the amount of R$ 1 thousand monthly, in view of the increase in diesel, in addition to making resources available for the financing of free public transport for the elderly and the compensation of States that grant tax credits for ethanol.

The rapid processing of the proposal in the Chamber, with the result confirmed in the collegiate, is a victory for the government, since any postponement or structural alteration of the matter would make the text return to the Federal Senate, postponing the beginning of payments and even making aid unfeasible before the electoral period. However, among opposition parliamentarians, the trampling in the process is harmful. the federal deputy Samia Bomfim (PSOL-SP) criticized the pressure, with one-minute session being called, and the impossibility of submitting amendments. “The rush here is not because of hunger, because the tax rules could have been suspended a long time ago. They are in a hurry because they do not want to hear the truth, which is a merely electoral project and which has no commitment to the reality of the people.”

the deputy Carlos Zarattini (PT-SP) completed his criticism of the text, mentioning that the federal government was aware of the worsening situation of truck drivers and taxi drivers due to the increase in fuel and the difficulties of families to purchase gas, but proposed the new programs only on the eve of the election. “We are not going to vote against the Brazilian people, we are never going to vote against something that harms the Brazilian people, but with this caveat: regiments are being run over”, he mentioned, indicating a vote in favor of the opinion.

In addition to criticism for the fast process, other parliamentarians took a stand against the Proposed Amendment to the Constitution (PEC) due to budgetary impacts and increased legal risk. Deputy Marcel Van Hattem (Novo-RS) guided the party’s position against the proposals and criticized fiscal irresponsibility, breaking the spending ceiling and reflexes for the economy. “They know that it will generate inflation, that it will soar the dollar, generate much more economic turmoil, but, because it will not be felt in the short term, they will vote in favor.”

The rapporteur Danilo Fortes countered the criticism, stating that the purpose of the quick procedure was to urgently make the aid possible. “Brazil’s biggest enemy is hunger. Despair is from those who are starving, it is from the mothers that all of Brazil saw running after a garbage truck to take food to their homes. This is what causes pain, embarrassment”, he mentioned. With the approval, the text goes to vote in the first and second rounds of the House plenary, with the expectation of conclusion still this Thursday, 7.

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