Clarice Falcão pins ex, Gregório Duvivier, and mocks Porchat and João Vicente in HILÁRIO’s return to Porta dos Fundos; watch!

The tongue? It was like a whip! Clarice Falcão returned to Porta dos Fundos for a special video released this Thursday (7th), in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the YouTube channel. The artist made a new version of “This is for you” – which is the second most watched sketch of the group. This time, she took great care to sing a series of mockery to the humorous troupe, with several pins to Fábio Porchat, João Vicente de Castro and even her ex, Gregório Duvivier.

Clarice starts the video with her foot in the door, singing ironically about the reasons that led her to leave “Porta”. “Guys, I miss you less”she sings, with a smile on her face. “When I left Porta I had my reasons, besides my ex”, she said, referring to the end of her relationship with Gregory, who appears at the door at the same moment. Afterwards, she makes fun of her former colleagues, saying that Fábio “thinks he’s the greatest”, but was fired from Record, and that Antonio Tabet thinks wearing geeky t-shirts makes others think he’s young.

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Falcão’s music still gets on João Vicente’s foot. “Must be working out or making a publipost for some shitty product that he never used… and wouldn’t use because he has a poor allergy”, she pins. She also doesn’t spare the acid criticism of the group’s style of humor: “You are a bunch of straight men making a dick joke. Everyone says you are the new ‘Casseta & Planeta’, only without Bussunda and only with the homophobia, transphobia and old joke part”.

Clarice Falcao Porta1
Clarice Falcão released a series of pinpricks on her return to Porta dos Fundos. (Photo: Playback/YouTube)

To close, the song still refers to the attack suffered by the producer of Porta dos Fundos at the end of 2019. “The last relevant thing you guys did was get a Molotov cocktail, which I thought I deserved, not because of the blasphemy, but because the Christmas special was shit.”, detonated. And just like the original video, this time, Clarice also came to the end of the song by denying that it was about them. “And if you ask me if the song is yours I’ll say: ‘of course not'”, she finishes. In the skit’s credits, Porchat and Tabet begin to make jokes precisely with hilarious names for “penis”, proving the argument sung by Falcão. Watch:

The parody of the channel’s own sketch yielded many remarkable moments, which gave rise to talk on the web and activated the nostalgia of those who followed the early years of “Porta dos Fundos”. “The part of Gregory coming in. It was sensational. It reminded me of videos from the beginning of the channel”, said a profile. There was also no lack of praise – and nostalgia – for Clarice as part of the comedy. “Door without Clarice doesn’t even exist for me”wrote another account. “There’s no way, Clarice is the founder of Porta dos Fundos, the woman held the first generation on her back”praised a third internet user.

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Clarice herself also joked about it. “Guys, I went to celebrate the ten years of Porta dos Fundos there with the guys and ended up singing a little song, but NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM, it’s talking about another crowd that happens to have the same name”wrote the artist. Look that:

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The video “This is for you” was released in 2013 and is, by far, one of the biggest hits of Porta dos Fundos. In the sketch, Clarice sang to her then-boyfriend, Gregório, who no longer loved him, listing a series of faults and criticisms loaded with sarcasm. “Gregory, my love, I hate you. And when you’re going to record video for Porta dos Fundos, I give it to the doorman… and it’s not always the one in our building”, she declared at the time. The verses gave a lot to talk about, yielding more than 33 million views and memories that last until today. Remember:

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