Eliminated from ‘No Limite’ is diagnosed with monkeypox and will not appear in the reality show final

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Eliminated had contact with player who is still competing for the reality award

Matheus Pires was diagnosed with monkeypox
© Reproduction / TV GloboMatheus Pires was diagnosed with monkeypox

Matheus Pires was one of the main faces of the current season of “On the edge”. The pedagogical coordinator stood out mainly at the beginning of the reality, when he elaborated some lies about his personal life in order to obtain privileges with the members of the tribe he was part of. This Thursday (7), the boy’s name became news for an unpleasant reason.

This because Matheus has just been diagnosed with cowpox disease, an endemic disease that increasingly infects Brazilian citizens. The symptoms appeared yesterday (6th) and shook the backstage of the Globegiven that the participant was already confirmed to participate in the final of the program.

It is worth mentioning that according to the columnist’s information Leo Diasfrom the portal metropolisesPires had direct contact with Victor, a young man who competes for the prize and is in top 5 from reality. On Instagram, the coordinator reassured fans and said that the picture is stable, but he will not attend the final of “On the edge”.

Disease in Brazil

Recently, Brazilian health agencies confirmed 36 new cases of the disease in the last few hours. In all, there are already 142 people infected by the virus hmPXV (acronym for Human Monkeypox Virus). Sao Paulo it is still the most contaminated city with 98 cases. Rio de Janeiro appears next.

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