European interest puts Corinthians in a race against time for Giovane; understand

The 18-year-old striker Giovane is getting closer and closer to the end of his contract with Corinthians, on July 13th. Hours before the duel against Boca Juniors, for Libertadores, in which the youngster played for almost 45 minutes, a club in France offered the possibility of buying him permanently.

The news reached President Duilio Monteiro Alves this Thursday. In recent days, Corinthians and Capivariano, holder of player rights, have talked about easing the amount of R$3 million established as a purchase option and have made progress. The foreign flirtation, however, changed the current scenario of conversations. The information was initially published by the portal goal and confirmed by My Helmwhich had already investigated the situation since last Tuesday.

Aware of the possibility of selling Giovane for an even greater value, Capivariano reduced the pace of negotiations to make the price more flexible to Timão. If Corinthians chooses to exercise the clause normally, it remains with the player even if other clubs can offer more.

The name of the interested French club is kept confidential between the parties, as well as the amounts involved in the proposal, already made official to Capivariano. What is known, however, is that the numbers are more expressive than the clause adopted by Corinthians at the time of the loan

Thus, there is also the chance of a “middle ground” in the conversations between the parties. At this moment, the possibility of Corinthians exercising the purchase to negotiate it for a higher value at a later time is not ruled out.

Regardless of the following steps, the tendency is for Corinthians to purchase the player for the amount pre-agreed upon signing the loan. The club, however, needs to make the payment to Capivariano until the 13th of July, and, if it doesn’t, it will lose priority in the purchase.

Giovane was integrated into the Corinthians professional by coach Vítor Pereira who, openly, likes the player. For the main team, the striker played on six occasions, without scoring goals.

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