Florianópolis has the first case of monkeypox in the state

The Florianópolis Health Department confirmed this Thursday (7th) the first case of Monkeypox (monkey smallpox) in the Capital. According to the folder, this is the first identified case of the disease in Santa Catarina.

Anvisa suggests measures to delay the entry of monkeypox virus in Brazil –  Photo: Reproduction / NDAnvisa suggests measures to delay the entry of the monkeypox virus in Brazil – Photo: Reproduction/ND

The confirmed case is a resident of São Paulo. The man is 40 years old and has recently spent time in Spain. After that, he spent a few days in Florianópolis.

According to the folder, he has already returned to his home in São Paulo, and his contacts in Florianópolis are doing well and are still being monitored.

Santa Catarina

The SES (Secretary of the State for Health) explained in a note that so far there is no confirmation of any autochthonous case (transmission within the state). The only confirmed case in the state is Florianópolis, according to the SES.

In all, six cases were reported in Santa Catarina, five of which were ruled out by laboratory tests and one confirmed case. According to the ministry, there are no more suspected cases under investigation.

cases in Brazil

According to a survey by the Ministry of Health, the country has 106 confirmed cases of monkeypox.

Most of them (75) were registered in São Paulo. Next is Rio de Janeiro, with 20 cases. In Minas Gerais, there were three cases of the disease. In Ceará, Paraná and Rio de Grande do Sul there were two records in each state. There is also confirmation in the Federal District and Rio Grande do Norte, with one case each.


According to the epidemiologist and manager of the Epidemiological Surveillance of Florianópolis, Ana Cristina Vidor, the disease is transmitted mainly by droplets and by contact with the skin and mucous membranes of infected people.

The doctor explains that the main control measures are wearing a mask, especially in crowded places, keeping a minimum distance of 1 meter, especially when talking to other people, avoiding direct contact (skin to skin) with people who may be infected and not share cups, cutlery, etc.

People suspected of having the disease should remain in isolation until the injuries heal, explains Vidor. For her, it is important to monitor people who had contact with the infected person, to monitor symptoms and early identification of the disease.

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