Girl victim of bullying at school in Rio wins support from Taís Araújo: ‘I wanted to show how brave you were’ | Rio de Janeiro

The girl Ana Victoria, who said she suffered bullying and racism at school, received a flood of messages of support from anonymous and famous people on the networks. The actress Tais Araújo highlighted the girl’s beauty and her and her parents’ courage in denouncing the case.

“Ana Victoria, you are beautiful, your hair is beautiful, your skin shines so bright, your nose is perfect,” said the actress.

“I wanted to come here to show your beauty to the whole world and say how brave you were, how important it was for your parents to stand up, propose solutions, denounce and above all, welcome you and hold your hand”.

On Wednesday (6th), the RJ2 showed that the 11-year-old girl, a model with an Afro braid and a sixth-grade student, was losing her shine when she was excluded from the school environment.

The mother found out on her daughter’s birthday, in March, that Ana was the subject of cancellation in a group of colleagues. She received messages mocking hairstyles, offensive private audio and isolation inside the school.

“They called me meduza, they called me a nickname that hurt”.

“And it didn’t just stop at the group. Not satisfied, they literally excluded her from the group and then went to private and that’s when the messages shocked me: ‘I don’t like you, I don’t like your hair, your color, your smell. You have breath, you are not a model. Model is beautiful and you are not beautiful. You’re ugly. You’re fat, you look like you’re pregnant. You don’t know how to put on hair. Your braid is ugly, your hair is ugly. You just plaster your face’. Only messages of that level,” said her mother Camilla Barbosa.

Ana Victória — Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

The mother says she went to school, suggested actions to address the issue and reinsert her daughter, but says she was no longer called to deal with the problem. And that Ana Victoria continued to suffer and always cries when talking about it, including in the psychological care that the family resorted to.

“To this day I don’t know what the school did. What the school didn’t do. I just know it didn’t stop. It stopped on WhatsApp because I blocked everyone, but from what you can see, it didn’t stop”.

Without getting the expected return from the school, the family filed a report last week at the Racial Crimes and Intolerance Crimes Police Station.

The Racial Crimes Department notified the coordinators of the Columbia 2000 Educational Center in São João de Meriti, in Baixada Fluminense, where Ana Victoria has been studying since the beginning of the year with a partial scholarship after passing a test. .

“When you are a child, we send a copy to the Guardianship Council for protection measures, for children under 12 years old. And when we are faced with adolescents, they are responsible for the infraction of the crime of racism and in justice they can have from a warning to even hospitalization”, explains delegate Débora Rodrigues.

The Guardianship Council that also received the family last week was at the school this afternoon to find out what they have to say on the matter.

“We proceeded in the way that the entire pedagogical team told us, we brought projects, we did our best. Negligence, in my opinion, did not occur. And in the opinion of our entire team”, said the legal representative, Roberta Vasconcelos.

“We reported this to all the parents involved, we asked them to speak with the students individually. Each parent correcting in whatever way he saw fit. We entered the classroom and did our part. In other words, we guide our students in a pedagogical way about the importance of welcoming Ana at that moment, how much we are against racism and prejudice of any kind”, says teacher Ariana Clair.

“We are here to educate, teach, pass on love. We want bullying to end, racism to end”, added the teacher.

Experts highlight the fundamental role of schools in combating bullying.

“The school needs to be a place of respect for diversity. This child, she suffered racism within the school and she needs to be supported both by the teaching staff and by the parents”, says the teacher and master in Ethnic-Racial Relations, Luiza Mandela.

“The best way for the school to deal with bullying is still prevention. Talk to them all the time and not just in occasional activities about racism, ability, fatphobia, standards of beauty, respect, appreciation of the other. Doing activities that improve general self-esteem”, says Antônia Burke, responsible for the Social and Emotional area at Raiz Educação.

“Let’s cancel Ana Victoria”. This was the first message that the mother of the 11-year-old girl read in the group of a social network that the daughter participated only with schoolmates. The attack was not the only one that day. It wasn’t even the beginning of bullying against her. The family went to the Racial Crimes Police Station to file a report.

A student at the Columbia 2000 Educational Center in São João de Meriti, in Baixada Fluminense, Ana Victória told the RJ2 who feels isolated at school and who suffers attacks from several classmates because of her hair.

“I was very sad because no one wanted to talk to me anymore. I would sit at lunch alone (cries). This made me very sad”, said Ana Victória.

In early 2022, Ana won a contest and became an Afro braid model. She was proud and happy with the achievement. The year started full of news. The girl was arriving at a new school, after taking a test and winning a scholarship to attend the sixth grade.

However, what was joy turned into suffering. The young woman’s mother discovered that her daughter was bullied on the child’s birthday.

“I took her cell phone to take a look, to see the congratulations from the school group. I opened it and they decided to cancel Ana Victória,” said Camila, the girl’s mother.

“I cancel Ana Victória because she thinks she’s Rapunzel just because she’s going to put a braid, since she lives off the mega hair because her hair is short. She thinks she is because she is a model”, read one of the messages against the girl.

11-year-old girl reports suffering for being ‘cancelled’ at school – Photo: Reproduction TV Globo

After the messages, Ana was excluded from the group. Then the private audio messages began.

“A flood of messages started. I cancel Ana Victoria because Ana Victoria thinks she is a model, because she uses mega hairbecause Ana is ashamed of her hair, because Ana Victoria hides that her hair is small, that she is ugly, she has a big nose”, reported the young woman’s mother.

Mom says school didn’t work

Ana Victoria’s family discovered that the bullying at the girl’s school was not punctual and had been happening for months.

Ana Victória — Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

According to Camila, a school employee even told that she had noticed the young woman’s isolation in the school environment. According to this employee, as told by the girl’s mother, she spent her recess time alone.

The young woman said that colleagues called her by offensive nicknames, always pointing out features of her hair.

Knowing the size of the problem, the family asked the school for help to deal with the situation. The Columbia 2000 Educational Center published on social media a note of repudiation against the practice of bullying.

The school reported that it intervened with those involved, despite not having responsibility for the students’ use of social networks. The note was published on June 18, according to the mother, after the family made the situation public two days earlier, and the case gained repercussion on social networks.

Camilla also said that the school is also responsible for the situations that occurred.

“The father suggested that they write an essay, that they address the subject. He (school employee) said he would study it and give feedback. We are in July and this feedback has not come until today. , which it didn’t. I just know it didn’t stop”, said Camila.

Family seeks racial crimes police station

Without the expected return from school, Ana’s family decided to look for the Police Station for Racial Crimes and Intolerance Crimes. Those responsible for the young woman also sought the municipality’s Guardianship Council.

A student at the Columbia 2000 Educational Center in São João de Meriti, Ana Victória told RJ2 that she feels isolated and suffers attacks because of her hair. — Photo: Reproduction TV Globo

After taking the case to the Civil Police, the girl’s mother expects the school to take other actions.

“My intention is that there is a position, that my daughter is not just one more. That she doesn’t come to die there at Ana Vitoria (…) The damage that was left on her did not disappear. We are working on it”, said Camila.

What those involved say

The Columbia 2000 Educational Center informed, in a note, that it repudiates any act of prejudice and that it regrets the unfounded statements that it has not taken action.

The school also said that even though the fact took place on social networks and outside the school, it called on the five responsible for the students involved in the offenses to take action.

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