Homemade bomb with substance that smells like feces is thrown at an event area with Lula in downtown Rio; suspect is arrested | Elections 2022 in Rio de Janeiro

A kind of homemade bomb with a liquid that smelled like feces was thrown around the perimeter of the event with PT pre-candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in downtown Rio this Thursday (7) . According to the PM, a suspect of throwing the artifact was arrested.

The 2-liter PET bottle with an explosive inside was thrown over the fence surrounding the perimeter. Inside the bottle was a brown liquid, which militants said was feces. The object exploded upon touching the ground. No one was hurt, but there was a beginning of riot.

Act with Lula has reinforced security in downtown Rio — Photo: Nicolás Satriano/g1

Lula participates in an act in downtown Rio — Photo: Nicolás Satriano/g1

Then people shouted “out, Bolsonaro”. Organizers of the event called for calm and said there was security in place to protect the protesters.

The former president’s press office said that “two fireworks broke out, causing noise, thrown from outside into the area of ​​the act. There were no feces, they made noise, but no one was injured and there was no riot.” Former President Lula was not yet at the scene of the act at the time of the incident.

The security scheme at Cinelândia had a metal siding fence approximately 2.5 m high. To enter the perimeter where a stage has been set up in the plaza, supporters must pass a security team search with a metal detector.

This is the second attack in acts of ex-president Lula during the pre-campaign. In Minas Gerais, a drone released feces and urine on participants in an act in Uberlândia. The owner of the equipment was arrested.

Outside, protesters in support of Lula moved from Candelária to Cinelândia and some streets, such as Araújo Porto Alegre and Evaristo da Veiga streets, were momentarily closed. Some played instruments and carried banners and carnival banners.

Act in downtown Rio, organized by leftist parties — Photo: Reproduction/Globocop

In the morning, Lula participated in a meeting with representatives of favelas in Rio. Along with the PSB candidate for the government of the state of Rio, Marcelo Freixo, and the candidate for the PT senate, André Ceciliano, he signed the document Plataforma Política das Favelas and Plano de Reduction da Lethalidade Policial, delivered by FAFERJ.

Among the document’s suggestions is the construction of a new plan to reduce police lethality with “wide participation of community leaders in the state”.

The family of Kathlen Romeu, a young woman killed at the age of 24, when she was pregnant, during police action in Complexo do Lins, in July 2021 participated in the meeting.

FAFERJ delivers Political Platform for Favelas and Police Lethality Reduction Plan to Lula — Photo: Caio Oliveira/FAFERJ

Lula has been taking part in engagements in Rio since Wednesday, when he had a meeting with samba dancers and other people linked to culture and carnival at the Unidos da Tijuca court.

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