Hyundai starts producing 1.0-liter naturally aspirated engine in Piracicaba (SP) | cars

Hyundai factory in Piracicaba (SP), where 1.0 aspirated HB20 engines began to be manufactured

Hyundai factory in Piracicaba (SP), where 1.0 aspirated HB20 engines began to be manufactured

Hyundai is already producing the naturally aspirated 1.0-liter engines at its plant in Piracicaba (SP), where the HB20, HB20S and Creta models are also produced.

The operation forms part of the of the manufacturer in its nationalization expansion plan
assembly of some of its engines that until then had been imported by the headquarters in South Korea.

The engines that started to be produced in Brazil will be destined for the recent 2023 lines of the models HB20 and HB20S
in their entry-level versions, considering that these units are the best sellers of the entire range of Hyundai

Despite that, the Opening
formalization of the new line of engines should take place within a few days, when the production capacity of the Piracicaba (SP) plant will be informed.

Another information not yet confirmed is whether, with this new unit being produced, the import of the engine
1.0 aspirated, three-cylinder will no longer be performed. Speaking of which, the brand still has 1.0 turbo TGDI engine,
that continues to be imported and that can be nationalized along with the aspirated.

All changes are part of the company’s strategy. Hyundai
with an investment estimated at around R$ 350 million, a value that has not yet been confirmed.

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