Ideal minimum wage should be R$ 6,527 in June, says Dieese

Brazilians should earn 5.3 times more to support a family of four. According to a survey by the Inter-union Department of Statistics and Socioeconomic Studies (Dieese), the ideal minimum wage would be R$6,527.67 in June. Currently, the minimum in force in the country is R$ 1,212.

The research takes into account the constitutional determination that the minimum wage must be sufficient to meet the expenses of a worker and his family with food, housing, health, education, clothing, hygiene, transport, leisure and welfare.


According to Dieese, Brazilians had to work, on average, 121 hours and 26 minutes to purchase basic food basket products.

In the first quarter of this year, the number of formal and informal workers who received a monthly minimum wage was 38.22%. The number represents 36.4 million people.

The value of the ideal minimum wage is calculated based on the most expensive food basket in the country, which in June was that of São Paulo (R$ 777.01), according to data from the National Food Basket Survey by Dieese.

The survey, which is carried out in nine of the 17 Brazilian capitals, found that, between May and June, the highest increases in the basic food basket occurred in the Northeast, in the cities of Fortaleza (4.54%), Natal (4.33%) and João Pessoa (3.36%).

Eight cities showed reductions, the most expressive being those in the South: Porto Alegre (-1.90%), Curitiba (-1.74%) and Florianópolis (-1.51%).

When comparing the cost of the basket and the net minimum wage, that is, after the 7.5% discount referring to Social Security, it is verified that the worker committed on average, in June 2022, 59.68% of the income to purchase products in the basket, slightly higher than in May, when it was 59.39%.

In June 2021, when the minimum wage was R$ 1,100.00, the percentage was 54.79%.

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