“In hand or in conversation”

Dynho Alves, dancer and ex-husband of Mirella

Dynho Alves, dancer and ex-husband of Mirella

Photo: Instagram / @dynhoalves_

After an ugly fight with the youtuber Christian Figueiredo, Dynho Alves, 27 years old, can see the possibility of reconciliation. Something distant, but possible.

In an exclusive interview with Earth, Dynho Alves stated that the disrespect was present from the beginning of the podcast, which made him uncomfortable. The confusion started on Tuesday, 5, during the broadcast of the podcast I go crazyby Christian and Lucas Selfie.

The dancer was asked about his participation in ‘A Fazenda’, which led to the end of his marriage to MC Mirella. Dynho said he had no regrets, Christian insisted on the matter and, in the end, Dynho went on to offend Zoo, the youtuber’s wife.

The singer recognizes that he was wrong and apologizes to the girl, but does not hide his dissatisfaction with what happened.

“The guy wants to talk and doesn’t want to listen? I don’t know how, but let’s solve it, by hand or in conversation, but let’s go. […] At the moment, the desire I have is to put my hand on his face”, he admits.

Asked about the youtuber’s apology, the dancer showed that he wanted more than just words. According to Dyno, Lucas Selfie and Christian Figueiredo wounded him deeply and disrespectfully.

“Sorry, even parrots learn and talk. He and Lucas made fun of me a lot. I spent the entire podcast enduring several stops. I won’t say I’m right. Both were wrong, there’s no way around it”, he adds.

This Thursday, the 7th, Dynho Alves reported that their stories started to be reported on Instagram, which he understands as a boycott after the fight with Christian. In the dancer’s words: “It’s because of the hesitation, the repressed that kept talking about me on his podcast. I went to complain and my stories started to fall”.

Christian Figueiredo, youtuber

Christian Figueiredo, youtuber

Photo: Instagram / @christian_fig_

The other side

With the repercussion of the case, on Wednesday, the 6th, Christian Figueiredo apologized for the inconvenience. In an open letter published on social media, he took his share of the blame for the fight, declared that he was wrong to persist in delicate topics and said that he had no intention, at any time, to make fun of the dancer.

“I want to apologize to you if the questions exceeded your limit. At no time did I intend to make fun of your job”, wrote the youtuber.

Lucas Selfiewho presented the podcast alongside Christian Figueiredoalso apologized to Dynho Alves.

“I saw that you didn’t like [da entrevista]. I came here humbly to apologize if you didn’t like that we touched on any kind of subject of the things you had done. Sorry, I’m a big fan of your work,” she declared.

Also on Wednesday, in response to the two, Dynho Alves recorded a video asking to be spared. “Funny, now everyone wants to speak out,” she said.

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