Juliano Cazarré shows his newborn in the hospital and opens up

Actor Juliano Cazarré showed his youngest daughter and talked about her health

The actor Juliano Cazarre updated fans on her baby’s health status. The artist and his wife turn out to be dads for the fifth time. The famous is married to the biologist and journalist, Letícia Cazarré. On June 21, the couple announced the birth of little Maria Guilhermina.

The 17-day-old baby is the youngest of five siblings. Besides her, Juliano and Letícia are parents of another little girl and three more boys. Vicente is the eldest child and is 11 years old, Inácio is nine years old, Gaspar is three and Maria Madalena is one year old.

The youngest was born with a rare and congenital heart disease called Ebstein’s Anomaly. Therefore, she had to undergo heart surgery in the first hours of life. She is recovering well from the procedure, but remains hospitalized.

The parents follow the evolution of their daughter closely and celebrate each small achievement of Maria Guilhermina. In your social networks, Juliano Cazarre told that her daughter was extubated. The actor who plays the pawn Alcides, in remake of the soap opera “Pantanal”, made a point of sharing the good news with his followers.

This Thursday (07), mom Letícia shared with the family fans a beautiful image with the heiress. In the click, the baby is wrapped in a colorful cloth, inside the Neonatal ICU. Guilhermina poses on the lap of her mother who is nursing the newborn, all proud.

“One of the happiest days of our lives. Yesterday, Maria Guilhermina breastfed for the first time, with great success! Today, once again, she breastfed the first time and put on a show. The joy of the team around is a beautiful thing to see, everyone celebrates with us! Thank you all for the prayers”, thanked the wife of Juliano Cazarre.

The artist took advantage of the publication to make a beautiful statement for his beloved. “Congratulations, Mommy. You are the strongest woman I have ever known. God dreamed for me the best wife I could ever have. My heart is there with you two. Congratulations, Guilhermina”, replied the famous.

Actor Juliano Cazarré and his wife Letícia said that Guilhermina is already breastfeeding

Letícia, wife of actor Juliano Cazarré, showed the baby breastfeeding for the 1st time and delighted

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