learn where and how to watch the July space phenomena in SC

According to information provided by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), of the United States, the month of July will have two space phenomena: a Supermoon (the largest of the year) and the passage of Comet K2. Both can be seen across the planet, however, in different ways.

The biggest Supermoon of 2022 can be observed as early as next Wednesday, July 13. Known as Moon of the Deer, it takes its name from the antlers that grow on the head of deer at the same time in the United States.

It can be easily seen in Santa Catarina, if the sky is clear during the day. The information is that the moon will get a little bigger and brighter.

What is a Supermoon?

A Supermoon occurs when the moon is closest to Earth, and at all stages, the side we always see is lit by the sun.

Comet K2

Comet K2, known to scientists as Pan-STARRS, should be seen on Thursday, July 14. Its classification is magnitude 9, given that it is made according to the brightness of the celestial body.

Because it is intense, Comet K2 cannot be seen with the naked eye anywhere on the planet. However, according to information released, only amateur astronomers with experience in using small telescopes were able to observe it.

Discovered in 2017, Pan-STARRS can be seen by amateurs at dusk when the sun goes down, or at dawn.

What is a comet?

A comet is a small icy body in the solar system that heats up and begins to release gas as it approaches the sun, a process called degassing. This produces a visible atmosphere or coma and sometimes a tail.

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