Lula’s act in Rio is hit by homemade bomb with feces

A homemade bomb with feces was thrown at the public that follows the act of former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) tonight at Cinelândia, in downtown Rio de Janeiro. The strong security system installed in the square that houses thousands of people could not prevent the attack, which took place around 6:50 pm before the pre-candidate took the stage.

The artifact – made with a PET bottle – caused a loud bang and spread a bad smell in the place. Nobody got hurt. A suspect — whose identity has not been revealed — was detained, according to the Military Police. The place where the bomb fell was isolated and the material was quickly collected by civil firefighters. Activities on the platform, which had already started, were paralyzed for just over 20 minutes until Lula arrived.

Also according to the PM, three witnesses accompanied the agents in the presentation of the occurrence.

Lula’s publicist said, in a statement, that they were “two fireworks (…) thrown from outside into the area of ​​the act” and denied the existence of feces in the artifacts. However, the report by UOL found on the spot that it was feces. Members of event security also confirmed the information.

The homemade bomb was thrown over the guardrails near the left side of the stage set up in Cinelândia, a traditional point of political acts in the capital of Rio de Janeiro. The artifact was launched from Evaristo da Veiga street, between the National Library and the Municipal Theater.

The internal security scheme set up in the square prevented the entry of bottles and subjected everyone to a search and a metal detector.

The insulation of the stage area was made with metal plates. However, the area of ​​the stairs of the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro (to the right of the stage) was occupied by militants and supporters, armed with musical instruments and flags of social movements.

The proximity of the Chamber to the stage allowed hundreds of people who did not pass through the security of the event to stay within a few meters of those on stage. On the left side of the stage, the National Library closed its stairs.

security concern

With the escalation of attacks by opponents on pre-campaign events, the former president’s group has if increasingly concerned with security protocols while Lula, in the opposite direction, wants to intensify contact with the crowd.

In just over a week, there were at least three situations that bothered and scared the ex-president’s caravan in different cities:

The PT’s objective is to make interventions more and more open, especially from August, when the candidacy is registered.

Lula has openly complained that he would rather be campaigning officially. One of the reasons for what large open rallies, in squares or large avenues, have not yet taken place is the fear with the Electoral Justice. The other is security. This, by the way, was the official justification that the pre-campaign claimed to cancel, for example, the trip to Santa Catarina at the beginning of the month.

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