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Olivia’s aunt, Violeta (Malu Galli) will invite the leader of the workers to occupy the position of Isadora (Larissa Manoela) in the sales management, since Dorinha decided to dedicate herself fully to her fashion studio.

“What do you think about taking Dorinha’s place?”

“Are you going to offer me the placement of Isadora?”, the girl will be surprised.

“The position is vacant, what do you think?”, the aunt will suggest.

Olivia will be happy to be invited to work on the board of the factory in ‘Além da Illusion’ — Photo: Globo

Olivia will be happy but confused. And who won’t like the news at all will be Joaquim (Danilo Mesquita). Even more so that he will be responsible for training the new member of the family…

“The sales manager Olivia? You can only be joking with me! Olivia is a worker, she doesn’t understand numbers, contracts, important things”, he will argue.

“Olivia learns fast. Take good care of her, Joaquim. Good luck, dear”, will wish Violeta, leaving Olívia and Joaquim.

Olivia faces Joaquim on the factory board in ‘Beyond Illusion’ — Photo: Globo

And Olivia will impose herself in the face of Joaquim’s arrogance:

“It’s better for both of us that you don’t offend me anymore. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to see my room.”

This Joaquim will have to swallow… Don’t miss the next chapters of your 6 o’clock soap opera!

08 Jul


Davi returns to the studio and saves Isadora, ending Joaquim’s plan. Leonidas feels bad about meeting his father, and Heloísa tries to comfort her husband. Iolanda shows Margô the folder with the documents against Joaquim. Eugenio asks to meet with Violeta again. Matias is impressed with Olivia. Joaquim gets angry when Violeta asks him to train Olivia. Enrico asks Emília to go to the casino with him. Cipriano complains about his wife to Giovanna. Úrsula hatches a plan to destroy Isadora’s reputation. Emília’s presentation on the radio is a success. Bento writes to Lorenzo. Isadora despairs with a note in the newspaper that defames her.

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Olivia and Heloísa meet

Olivia and Heloísa meet

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