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The future of the Leôncio family’s business remains under debate, and Jove (Jesuíta Barbosa) will make a drastic decision in the next chapters of Pantanal. In another meeting with David (Lucci Ferreira) and Matilde (Mareliz Rodrigues), José Leôncio (Marcos Palmeira) and his son will once again have different opinions about the methods to be applied on the property and will argue.

Tired of Davi’s wild plans, Matilde will study a new agroforestry system focused on grains and cotton. In a separate room, the consultant will say that she has a previous study based on farms from the group of entrepreneurs. Upon seeing the data, Jove will be stunned.

“It’s more than too much… It’s a new North… The tune I was looking for… I looked all over the internet, but I didn’t find anything like it”, says the heir.

Matilde will confess that she was afraid of the reaction of José Leôncio and of Davi, his manager. After Jove’s acceptance, she will explain everything in detail, saying that the proposed ecological succession will leave the soil even stronger than before.

Matilde (Mareliz Rodrigues) in ‘Pantanal’ — Photo: Globo

David will enter the room and ask what is happening there. After a slight argument between him and Jove, José Leôncio will hear the screams and invade the conversation.

“I was trying to put a little sense in your son’s head and this other one…”, Davi will justify.

Soon after, seeing Matilde’s plan, Zé Leôncio will say that Davi is right and that the proposal makes no sense. Behold, Jove, without thinking twice, will give his sentence:

“Since he’s right, Dad, that means I’m the one who’s wrong. So I have no choice but to call the shots.”

In ‘Pantanal’, José Leôncio (Marcos Palmeira) will be angry with Jove (Jesuíta Barbosa) — Photo: Globo

The situation will take father and son to a separate room, who will clear the proposal. Jove will argue that a new direction is needed for the farm so they don’t go broke. At some point, Zé Leôncio will be convinced, but he will give them a condition for them to follow through with Matilde’s idea.

“The world is made up of obstacles and people like Davi… If you can’t get through them, you won’t get through anyone”, will determine José Leôncio, stating that they will need the advisor’s approval at each stage.

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