PIX Garantido is coming: a new threat to credit cards

Scheduled to be launched later this year by the Central Bank, the PIX Garantido will be a strong competitor to credit cards and could help bring down current interest rates. This is because it will allow the purchases to be paid in installments, optimizing the process of both payment and receipt, that is, it will be a great attraction for customers and companies. Increasingly popular, the PIX is already part of the daily life of Brazilians and, now, will be even more functional through this expansion.

Understand how PIX Guaranteed will work

The PIX Garantido will work in the same dynamics as a credit card, opening up time for the consumer to pay the bill.


With a limit value, the new service can be used both in cash purchases and in installments, without the need for a magnetic card.

The big change is that currently PIX only allows payments to be made in cash, that is, with the money that is available in the payer’s account.

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Key benefits for tenants

Installing purchases in installments through PIX has several advantages for shopkeepers, as it promises to help optimize financial management and improve the cash flow of the business.

With it, it will be possible to reduce the fees charged by credit card operators, with a guarantee of receiving the amounts in installments.

In addition, shopkeepers will be able to increase the value of the average sales ticket. For now, the Central Bank did not disclose the limits available in the PIX Garantido, but everything indicates that the adhesion will be highly successful.

Do you accept PIX? Every day, the sport becomes more popular in Brazil; purchases in installments are expected to cause a ‘buzz’ in the credit card market in Brazil. Image: Drazen Zigic / Shutterstock

Advantages for consumers

For consumers, there will be one more credit option in the market, improving purchasing power, including with interest rates that should be much lower compared to credit card operators.

The use will be entirely technological, without the need for magnetic cards, bringing a gain in terms of sustainability. This is yet another innovation focused on improving the customer experience and which will certainly be very well accepted by Brazilians. After all, who doesn’t like a credit in the square?

Via: Diário de Pernambuco

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