Skull & Bones arrives in November on PS5; see trailer!

Ubisoft announced this Thursday (7th) that Skull & Bones will be released on November 8 for PS5, Xbox Series and PC. The long-awaited pirate adventure title will be available the day before God of War Ragnarok and pre-order is already open on the website, with the offers of Standard and Gold editions in exclusively digital format.

The news was presented with an unprecedented trailer in CGI, where it is possible to observe more details about the atmosphere of the game and about the rise of the king of the seas. According to the clip, the new IP will lead players into the ultimate piracy experience, with mechanics of ship upgrades, crew recruitment, loot, treasure and exploration on land and water.

Check out the video below:

Set in the late 17th century, Skull & Bones will be a story of survival and will introduce characters who risked everything to obtain riches. Progressing through the story and acquiring infamy status will unlock “contracts for vendors, local factions, and bosses in the game world”, granting opportunities in a journey with twists and turns.

Players will be able to create a variety of ships and customize them with looks and attributes. From the coast of Africa to the East Indies, distinct biomes will be waiting to be discovered and will require observation of wind direction, sail position and the myriad hazards brought by the sea. In addition, the classic battles on board are guaranteed and can be experienced in the company of friends via multiplayer.

Watch the gameplay trailer below:

Skull & Bones reserve starts

Interested in purchasing the digital version of Skull & Bones can now make the reservation on the official website. According to Ubisoft, the title will be available in Standard and Gold editions, with the more expensive one offering a series of perks such as quests, costumes, art book and soundtrack. Check out the rewards:

gold edition skull & bones perks
Source: Ubisoft

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