Sonia Abrão detonates Simaria’s posture in first appearance after controversy: “What was it to do?”

Sonia Abrão detonates Simaria’s stance by refusing to give statements at an event; Look

the presenter Sonia Abram made harsh criticisms for the sertaneja simaria this Thursday (7) during the The afternoon is yours after the singer made demands in her first public appearance after the controversy with her sister, Simone.

Hired by a beauty brand for a party, she appeared stunning but did not give interviews. She warned that she didn’t want to be bothered by the press.

“What did you go there to do then?”, asked the presenter shamelessly.

Sonia Abram He also said that the public deserves to be informed. Everyone is waiting for Simaria to reappear after that disastrous interview, to ask if there will be a comeback. And the separation? Because those days said that the husband was in the house back. A giant roll” she said.

“And then suddenly she appears and doesn’t want to say anything. Is that her right? Yeah. But is it a huge frustration for the fans and the press then? She danced.”lamented the evening commander.


The singer simaria left his followers impressed this Wednesday (6) when he made his first public appearance after announcing a break from professional commitments. She went to the party that celebrated the ten years of a beauty products store.

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