The 7 fastest birds in the world

Defining the fastest birds in the world can be more complex than you might think. After all, there are a few different ways to measure a bird’s flight speed: level flight, that is, the speed needed to fly in a straight line; and diving flight, that is, the speed at which the bird dives to kill its prey. This latter type of flight is generally much faster, but for obvious reasons it can only be sustained for a few seconds at a time. Complicating the matter is that many species are classified according to the highest recorded individual flight speed rather than the average flight speed. This article will take all factors into account when listing the fastest birds in the world.

7. Ogea

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The ogea is a small species of falcon that breeds in Europe and Asia and then migrates to southern Africa for the winter. This bird of prey has a very fast diving movement. When descending to capture its prey, it can reach diving speeds of nearly 161 km/h. But perhaps the most remarkable fact about this bird is its exquisite control in the air. The ogea is so agile that a male can pass food to the female mid-flight as part of his courtship display.

6. Mongolian Swift

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The Mongolian Swift is a high-speed species. Hailing from East Asia, it spends a lot of time in the air, feeding on small flying insects. Based on one study, this species can supposedly reach speeds of around 169 km/h. However, the methods used to measure the bird’s speed have never been published, so the actual speed has not yet been fully verified.

5. Red-tailed Hawk

world's fastest birds: red-tailed hawk

The red-tailed hawk is found throughout the American continent, from Panama to Alaska. It reaches flight speeds of around 32 to 64 km/h normally.

However, upon seeing prey, this bird springs into action to dive at speeds of over 193 km/h. It is an opportunistic hunter that eats almost anything, however it prefers to eat rodents and other small mammals.

Its vision is eight times more powerful than that of a human being, and it can detect a mouse from 30 meters away.

4. Gyrfalcon Falcon

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The gyrfalcon has white feathers, making it a fascinating species in many ways. He is probably the biggest hawk in the world. He is one of the few birds that breed along Arctic coasts, being the official mascot of the US Air Force Academy.

However, it is also on the list of the fastest birds in the world, being able to maintain a consistent level of flight speed. It can maintain its average speed of 80 to 109 km/h over long distances without needing to slow down, which few other species do.

3. Golden eagle

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The golden eagle, with a wingspan of 2.5 meters, is a great symbol of size and power. Although its average flight speed of around 45 to 61 km/h is not that impressive at first glance, this incredible predator can quickly leap over its prey with a diving speed close to 241 to 321 km/h.

Although its gross size takes a lot from its agility and maneuverability, it cannot catch a fast bird mid-flight. Additionally, she may be able to kill slower, larger prey such as sheep and goats.

2. Sacre falcon

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The Sacre Hawk patrols the grasslands of Eurasia and Africa to feed on rodents and smaller birds. This fearsome predator swoops down on its prey with a deadly speed of 200 mph.

When in normal flight, it can also reach a top speed of around 143 km/h. The sacre falcon is such an important element of some cultures that it has been named the national bird of Mongolia, as well as being the second fastest bird in the world.

1. Peregrine Falcon

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The peregrine falcon ranks among the fastest birds in the world. He holds a great emblem of hunting and culture throughout human history. The Peregrine Falcon can reach a speed of up to about 386 km/h in its high-speed death dive (and up to 109 km/h during level flight).

Upon reaching such extreme speed, the hawk possesses the ability to fold its streamlined wings against its body to reduce drag.

According to the study, it will continue to make small adjustments to its wings, accelerating until the moment of contact to reach its target. The peregrine falcon may be able to attack moving birds such as pigeons, birds and doves right in the air.

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