Video captures lightning striking truck during storm

Edward Whalen and his family say they will never forget the frightening moment they experienced while driving along I-75 in the US state of Florida on the first of this month. The family was leaving St. Petersburg and heading back to their hotel when the unthinkable happened. “Is it over there [filha de Whalen] yelled at daddy what happened and i said we got hit by a lightning” said Edward Whalen.

His wife Michaelle recorded the video as she rode in a car behind the truck that Whalen and her children were riding. “She thought the storm was really beautiful and wanted to take a picture of it and kept trying to take pictures but couldn’t get it,” Whalen said. “So my son-in-law recommended that she use that slow-motion video,” he said.

That’s when she caught the big moment. “You could feel a slight hum in the car as it hit us, and then my oldest daughter was sitting next to me and she jumped into my lap and screamed,” Whalen said. No one in the vehicle was injured, according to the family, however, the truck was “completely fried” by the lightning.

“I had to jump out of the truck and run back to her, hug her and let her know we were all okay. We were really confused. We had headaches,” narrated Whalen. “This has always been my dream truck, and I finally got it. I had just made my third payment and then boom.” Whalen says, however, he’s glad they made it out alive.

Lightning very rarely hits cars., even more in motion. And even if they do, the occupants are protected by what is called in Faraday’s Cage Physics and not isolation by rubber tires, as many believe. In a Faraday Cage, the internal electric field of an object is zero due to the conductive nature of the surface, spreading the charges on the outside and canceling the field on the inside.

Thus, in the case of the car, the bodywork of the vehicle is the responsible conductive surface and the interior of the car has its electric field nullified. Electrical engineering experts say the car is not a perfect cage, but enough to provide protection.

Unlike cars that are rarely struck by lightning, planes are often struck by lightning. And, like land vehicles, air vehicles also have electrostatic shielding based on the same principle. The metallic surface of the plane works in such a way that its interior has no electrical charge.

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