Volkswagen unveils new Amarok made over the Ford Ranger; see the pictures

As promised, the Volkswagen revealed this Thursday (7) the new generation gives Amarok. After several teasers, behold, the medium truck appears completely renewed. As a 2023 model, the new Amarok will have joint production with Ford Ranger in South Africa. So, for now, it will not come to Brazil, where the current pickup will have an update.

This second generation Amarok will be sold in the United States, Asia and other regions outside of South America. The pickup is 10 centimeters larger than the model known to Brazilians, 5.35 m long. The wheelbase of 3.27 meters has an extra 17.5 cm for the occupants. However, the width is now 1.91 m (decreased by 3.4 cm). And finally, the height is smaller, with 1 cm less and measures 1.88 meters.



As Volkswagen itself made a point of informing before the official presentation, the new Amarok mixes elements of Ranger and the brand’s own brothers. The front, for example, has bars on the grille, as in the Taos. However, unlike the SUV, they are not illuminated by LEDs. In the pickup, there are two chrome bars that go from one end of the body to the other – one above, the other below the headlights, which have IQ.Light technology.

On the sides, the “square” shaped wheel arches recall the previous generation. Wheels are between 17″ (steel) and 21″ (alloy). The back was original. Although, inevitably, pickup trucks opt for vertical lanterns, the Amarok has a different shape. On the lid, the name of the pickup is printed in low relief and with bold letters.


Inside, the new Amarok (which has single and double cabins), in fact borrowed the multimedia system SYNC 4, from Ford. But modified and has options of 10″ or 12″. The instrument panel is also 8″ or 12″ digital at the top.


The steering wheel, however, is the same as the Nivus – with the right proportions. The buttons that are below the central screen resemble the models of the Peugeot. In summary, there are more than 20 driving assistance systems. Adaptive cruise control, traffic sign reader and reversing camera, for example, are in the package.

range of engines

The Amarok engine – which has 80 cm of submersion capacity (previously 50 cm) – comes with new features. There are four diesel engines and one gasoline engine. It all depends on the market. Some have Volkswagen engines, others are Ford. The most basic is a 2.0-liter turbodiesel with four cylinders and 148 hp. In this way, there is a modified configuration for 170 hp. It also has the biturbo, with up to 40 hp extra, going to 210 hp.


The Amarok catalog also has a 3.0 V6 TDI engine at the top of the range – with up to 250 hp. The speculated plug-in hybrid version, at least so far, has not been considered. Neither is the purely electric variant – possible, due to Ranger’s electrified platform.

extra power

Thus, without a sustainable engine, it remains to resort to gasoline. In this sense, some markets will receive the 2.3 EcoBoost (Ford origin) with turbo and power of 302 hp. The transmission range is divided into a 6-speed manual or a 10-speed automatic. The latter, therefore (used in the Ford Mustang), replaces the 8-speed gearbox.

Volkswagen Amarok also has more convenience in terms of traction. 4Motion has 4×4 or permanent integral options. Thus, through the electronic selector, it is possible to drive all four wheels at all times. Rear-wheel drive copies will also be on sale in select markets. The load capacity is 1,160 kg. In total, there are five trim versions. In addition to the basics, there is Life, Style, PanAmericana and Aventura.


For Brazil, it is worth remembering, Volkswagen only announced investment for the renewal of the current generation. In other words, there won’t be a new generation of the pickup around here, after all, the import costs would make it impossible to sell them locally at prices comparable to Chevrolet S10, Ford Ranger, Toyota Hiluxand company.

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