Woman Bitten by Rat While Snacking at McDonald’s

Snack time is a sacred moment, have you ever thought about someone or something getting in the way of this moment? that’s what happened in a cafeteria, when a customer was surprised by the bite of a mouse, that’s right, a mouse! It may seem like a fictional story, but it was very real and it took place in England.

A customer was bitten while having a snack in one of the units of the famous fast food Mc Donald’s, in Salisbury, England. The episode took place last Monday (04), and the woman needed to be sent to the emergency room in the region where she received the tetanus vaccine.

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According to the British newspaper The Mirror, it was not informed in which part of the body the customer was bitten by the small rodent, a friend of the woman who was with her at the time of the episode, reported that the mouse entered the front door while she was eating. and bit her when she tried to scare him away.

After the event, a Mc Donald’s spokesperson said, “Hygiene and cleanliness are extremely important to us. This incident occurred yesterday when a mouse entered the restaurant’s front doors,” he stated.

“He was quickly contained by members of our team, but a customer was bitten while trying to deal with the rat. A sanitizing process was carried out and pest control specialists did a preventive inspection,” she concluded.

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