World’s Blackest Porsche Becomes Japan’s “Death Trap”

You’ve certainly seen a black Porsche 911 driving around, right? After all, this is one of the most classic super sports models from the traditional and coveted German brand. Now, a “darker than night” Porsche 911 like the one Koyo Orient Japan has prepared, I bet you haven’t seen it.

The “blackest in the world” Porsche has been successful (and scared some people) in Japan. According to the staff of Sora News 24, the “blame” is a shade of paint called Musou Black, developed precisely by Koyo Orient Japan, and which has already been applied to another model previously, a Mitsubishi Lancer, but without much repercussion.

The tone of the Musou Black is so dark, but so dark, that the Porsche 911 is almost 100% camouflaged. This is because the shade in question reflects only 0.6% of the light falling on the car. This means that it absorbs 99.4% of the total, which makes it almost imperceptible, something that borders on the absurd when it comes to such a flashy car.

Porsche 911 “the blackest in the world” was prepared with a paint that reflects only 0.6% of the light (Image: Reproduction/YouTube)

‘World’s Blackest’ Porsche Causes Concern

The result of the Porsche’s transformation into the “blackest car in the world”, as the paint is considered even darker than the Vantablack, used by BMW on an X6 during the 2020 edition of the Frankfurt Motor Show, is running on a video on YouTube. And the comments from netizens are as varied as possible.

The tone of the majority, however, is one of concern. Some say they are afraid of the number of accidents that a car so dark, it’s barely noticeable, can cause. Others bet that a truck would easily “run over” the Porsche, precisely because they didn’t see it, and another even labeled the German 911 a “death trap”.

It is worth mentioning that the Porsche painted with Musou Black in the city of Gifu was only released to run on the streets after those responsible for the painting obtained the release from the local authorities. The ink is so “dangerous” that it is for sale on the official website with a series of warnings. Among them, the warning that “it is not sent to military addresses” and that you need to be careful not to “become a ninja” (joke, of course).

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