After winning in court against Klara Castanho, Antonia Fontenelle shoots: “she wants my money” | Policy & Rights

On the night of this Monday, 18th, Antonia Fontenelle published a video on her channel commemorating the Court’s decision. “Judge Flávia Viveiro de Castro removed the Secret of Justice from the Process and understood that the determination to withdraw Fontenelle’s statements would be a kind of censorship. The action proceeds with the claim for damages’, that is, she wants my money“, said Antonia, while reading the information published in news outlets.

“Whoever is after her legal body wants my money. The others, who mentioned her name and arr******** with her, fo****. I didn’t mention her name, after my live, she introduced herself”, continued Antonia – who also reinforced that the video in question has been offline since Klara published an open letter.

“Klara, beware of people who offer you help. When I came here on my channel, I offered you help, but she didn’t go to sue anyone. The help I offered you was to get to the rapist. The Justice of São Paulo is having difficulty accessing this case because, according to what I read, it has been in Secret of Justice for hundreds of years. you are not collaborating. There is not the slightest possibility that someone wants to protect a rapist, an aggressor, he has to be arrested. Only you’re not cooperating. You accept help from those who ask you to sue you. I put myself at the disposal of Justice to explain in detail the reasons that led me to be harsh with this case even without mentioning the name of this girl. I’m not here to make anyone’s job difficult. You cannot, through an open letter, point out a problem and not make yourself available to solve the problem. My dear Klara Castanho, this is not about you, this is about many women who suffer violence in this country and don’t have the voice that you have“, he added.

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