Authority investigates how a lady entered a plane with a 20 cm knife

An image taken on board an aircraft, during a domestic passenger flight in Vietnam, alerted local authoritieswho opened an investigation to find out how a lady managed to board with a large sharp knife measuring about 20 centimeters, despite all the security screening at airports.

LOOK AT THE KNIFE – In the photo, the woman is seen using the knife to peel fruit during the flight. Despite the innocence of the gesture, carrying such an object on a commercial aircraft is a serious violation of flight safety and security regulations.

As a result, Vietnam Airways, the Southern Airport Authority and the Tan Son Nhat Aviation Security Center told the Tuoi Tre newspaper on Monday that they were dealing with the case, recorded on flight VN-208 that took off. from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi in the morning of the same day. A representative from the airport’s security center said it was coordinating with other agencies on the clarification and would make an official announcement in the coming days.

The woman’s act was reported to flight attendants by a passenger, Luu Van Long, who photographed the woman holding the knife and said he was shocked to see her using it to cut fruit shortly after the plane took off that morning.

“I wondered why the woman managed to bring the knife aboard the plane” said Long. “I pressed a button to call a flight attendant and reported what had happened.” A crew member then approached the woman, gave her a warning and temporarily seized her knife, Long said.

SECURITY FAILURE – The Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam said it ordered an investigation into why the knife was not detected by the airport security screening team. According to current regulations, knives are on the list of dangerous items prohibited from entering restricted areas of the airport and the aircraft cabin.

Specifically, passengers are prohibited from carrying razors, paper knives, knives with blades longer than six centimeters and knives with handles and blades longer than 10 centimeters in their carry-on baggage. In Vietnam, violators are subject to a fine ranging from $299 to $428.

As for aviation security officers who fail to discover such items, they will be required to pay a fine of up to $428 and may also have their professional license revoked.

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