Bahia yields draw to CRB and stumbles again at Arena Fonte Nova

Source: Felipe Oliveira / EC Bahia

Bahia once again disappointed their fans at Arena Fonte Nova. For the 19th round, the tricolor team only drew 1-1 with CRB in a game in which they opened the scoring in the first half and gave up equality in the final stretch.

With the tie opening the round, the Squadron closes the first round with 34 points conquered, provisionally in second position – Vasco’s match will define the tricolor placement in the round.

The next match will be on Saturday (23), at 16h, against the leader Cruzeiro. The game will take place in Mineirão.


After a triumph away from home, Bahia returned to play against the tricolor nation with the aim of winning. And the first minutes were of enormous pressure for the goal.

In 23 minutes of the match, the Squadron had already submitted no less than eight times, with some dangerous kicks that stopped goalkeeper Diogo Silva, in addition to Raí hitting the post.

In addition to more possession of the ball, Tricolor still managed to exert high pressure on the Alagoas team’s defense field, making it difficult for the opponent to leave the ball.

In the 33rd minute, the game stopped in the penalty area after a free kick that resulted in a tackle that, in the referee’s opinion, was foul, scoring a penalty for Esquadrão de Aço after four minutes of analysis.

Mugni took responsibility and displaced the opposing goalkeeper with a well-executed penalty. Bahia goal!

Before the break, two more chances to score in the match. One of them went to the tricolor side. Davó took advantage of a low cross made by André, but, alone, sent it straight out and missed an incredible opportunity. Next, goalkeeper Danilo Fernandes made a great save with a kick made by Emerson Negueba.


In the return for the second stage, the coach Enderson Moreira did not promote changes of players, but the tricolor posture started to have a less intense rhythm than shown in the first half.

Despite the clear decrease in the offensive rhythm, Tricolor still managed to overtake with the wingers, reaching the offensive capo frequently. However, with more difficulties to create plays that ended in submissions.

In turn, CRB continued to try to score dangerous counterattacks and, over time, began to gain ground in the middle to play.

In the 24th minute, the alvirrubro team stamped Bahia’s crossbar in another kick from forward Emerson Negueba. Two minutes later, Rafael Longuine got the ball in front of the tricolor area and kicked over it.

The night featured the debut of striker Igor Torres, who replaced Daniel in the 33rd minute, teaming up with Rodallega, who had just replaced Davó. At that moment, Marco Antônio started to play centralized in midfield.

Amid the fall in tricolor production, CRB took the opportunity to tie the game in the 37th minute.

After a free kick, Danilo pushed the ball away, but Claudinei, from outside the area, took the rebound with his head and swung the nets. Tie at Fonte Nova.

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