boat? Santos player has a proposal from Spanish football


Peixe could lose another important player in the squad

Santos, by Marcelo Fernandes, rejected proposal by Léo Baptistão
© Ivan Storti / Santos FCSantos, by Marcelo Fernandes, rejected proposal by Léo Baptistão

Santos’ moment is one of irregularity in the season. The club is still looking for a new coach. Fabián Bustos was fired after the fall in the Copa Sudamericana and so far, who leads the team, on an interim basis, is Marcelo Fernandes. Lisca Doido is the favorite to take the post.

But in addition to looking for a new coach, Santos needs to contain departures from the squad. According to GEO Peixe denied a proposal from Almería, from Spain, by Léo Baptistão.

According to the report, the board found the proposal low for the importance of the attacking midfielder in the squad. The values ​​were not disclosed.

It is worth remembering that the Almería recently bought defender Kaiky for 7 million euros (R$38.6 million). The Spanish club acquired 70% of the defender’s economic rights.

Baptistão numbers in Santos

Contract in mid-2021, Léo Baptistão took a while to get in shape for Santos. This season, he managed to pace himself under Fabián Bustos. So far, in 2022, there are 27 games, six goals scored and three assists distributed.

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